Hard to believe, but Cartoon Network has been running their “Adult Swim” lineup for 10 years now. In our roundtable, we discuss the best, the worst and the just plain weirdest shows that have run during the night time hours and its evolution from a once a week special to a nightly ritual.

In addition, aDam will talk about The Secret Circle, Genius loses his mind over Guardian Heroes, and Crazy takes his Toy Soldiers to war.

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“Mambo Gallego” – Tito Puente (D-CODE Remix)
“TANK!” – The Seatbelts
“Tuff” – JG Thirlwell

Roundtable: Ten Years of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network

Venture Bros
Harvey Birdman
Cowboy Bebop
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Home Movies
Space Ghost
Robot Chicken
Sealab 2021
Korgoth the Barbarian!

Terrible mistakes:
Showing reruns of Oblongs

Too weird or experimental for their own good:
Tim & Eric
Assy McGee