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Continuum is off to a great start

Continuum "A Stitch in Time" - Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron with some cool tech

Last night the Canadian network Showcase premiered a new science fiction series “Continuum”. It scored great ratings and seems to have hit a cord with fans, but without an American distributor, can we expect it to last much longer than the 13 episode season which has already been completed? To get a taste of the show check out the 3 minute trailer embedded at the bottom of this post.

Continuum "A Stitch in Time" - Time Travel

The show’s premise is pretty solid. In word … time travel! The series’s first episode, “A Stitch in Time”, begins in the futuristic world of 2077, but the main character of Kiera, played by Rachel Nichols, travels back in time to the year 2012 along with a bunch of death row inmates. In a plot that’s not unlike the 90s TV series Time Tracks, but without the British hologram lady, she burdens herself with tracking them down.

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“In Time” presents an appealing “Mother, Daughter, Grandmother” scenario

"In Time" - Mother Clara, Wife Michelle and Daughter Sylvia played by Sasha Pivovarova, Bella Heathcote and Amanda Seyfried

I had a great time watching “In Time”, a sci fi movie about a world that uses time as currency. The movie’s release is full of controversy, as famed science fiction writer Harlan Ellison tried to stop the film’s release citing similarities to his short story “Repent, Harlequin!” Said The Ticktockman. Having now seen the movie and read the short story I don’t feel the similarities were extensive, but more on that later.

The premise as seen in the trailer is pretty straightforward, and what an interesting premise this is. The movie replaces money with seconds, minutes, hours even months and years of people’s lives as people trade off time on their life line for goods and services, working themselves to the bone to be able to make it another day. Extremely topical amongst these times of economic strife and worldwide protests, the movie vilifies the “rich” immortals while making us feel the plight of the working class. All this social commentary is wrapped in this interesting sci fi concept which makes for interesting scenes and concepts, like the idea that poor people from the ghetto are always in a rush, while the rich take their time in everything, because what is there to hurry about if you know you’ll probably live another century or two?

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Ridley Scott to make a new Blade Runner movie

New Blade Runner movie featuring Edward James Olmos and Harrison Ford riding Unicorns reports that Ridley Scott will be working on a new Blade Runner movie after he’s done with his new Alien movie. Not much is know about the film at this point but the staff here at Powet can pretty much guarantee that the film will include Edward James Olmos as Gaff and Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard riding on some pretty bad ass looking Unicorns, as can be seen from the on set photo shown above.

Will this be a remake, sequel, reimagining? Are these Unicorns robots or actual real Unicorns? Will the film be reedited a dozen times and released in a box set with 17 versions? Will it follow the novel? If so who will play the toad and the sheep? Will it include clips from the Shining? Will the director and star agree on whether or not the main character is a replicant? Only time will tell! Stay tuned to Powet for more info on this movie, assuming of course this isn’t the last we hear about it…

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Powet Robots *batteries not included

Powet Robots batteries not included banner
Powet Robots looks at the flying pie plate robots from * (asterisk) batteries not included. This movie about old people and Hispanic stereotypes also has a bit of sci-fi thrown in for fun.

Check out the forum for behind the scenes images of making the robots I used for this video.

Robot from batteries not included movie 1987

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Powet Presents: That’s… Last Day

In lieu of our regularly scheduled programming, we bring you this special message from the production house that brings you Famicom Dojo!

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