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Powet Robots: HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Powet Robots: HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey
In this episode of Powet Robots we explore the character HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey in both the film by Stanley Kubrick and the novels by Arthur C. Clarke.

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Powet Robots: HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Powetcast Episode 22: In V We Trust

What takes you right out of a game? Or a movie? What keeps you wanting more? Powet tackles these questions, along with the premiere of ABC’s V, and much more!

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Keep Playing: Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Video Review
Our own gangsta thug gives us a glowing review of the newest installment in the Saints Row series.

Meanwhile, Vinnk went to TGS

Arrows! Arrows everywhere!

Even though it’s still Thursday here in the States, the second day of the Tokyo Game Show is already well under way. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but Famicom Dojo is still being represented by Vinnk — assisted by two new equally-as-foreign-but-much-more-female companions! (You can check out their profiles over at 4 Color Rebellion.)

Vinnk on the scene the first day of TGS for the announcement of the No More Heroes sequel: Desperate Struggle:

Quite appropriate, as we tried out the original game in our Famicom Dojo Special about the first day of TGS 2007!

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[Read the rest of this entry…] at Otakon 2008 at Otakon 2008
A number of members have been attending Otakon for a few years. What follows was at some point intended to be some kind of comprehensive overview of the con, but it should be immediately obvious that we weren’t able to follow through with such an ambitious goal.

Enjoy the trannies, furrie, LARPers, and some even seedier perversions that plague the geek community attending a standard convention. All things considered, the simple act of Cosplaying really isn’t that weird at all.

To be eligible for the contest to win the Yaoi book mentioned in the above video, please leave your relevant comment to this blog post in the next month.

Gremlins On Demand!

Gremlins Fan Sequence by Sacha Feiner from Sacha Feiner on Vimeo.

Sacha Feiner has made an incredible fan film paying tribute to the trouble making Gremlins. From his myspace page:

In the middle of the movie Gremlins 2, there is a sequence where the film seems to break, and where the gremlins invade the projection booth. In the VHS edition in the early 90’s, director Joe Dante managed to reshoot a special sequence where the VHS tape seemed to be torn apart and in which the gremlins invaded a John Wayne movie. The DVD just kept the original theatrical version. Today I decided to make an alternate 5 minutes sequence for the DVD.

Its outstanding work. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Gremlins movie…

Gargoyles Bad Guys Issues 2 and 3 Review

Gargoyles Bad Guys Issues 2 and 3 Review

Gargoyles Comic Number 8 Review

Gargoyles Comic Number 8 Review

Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume 1

Discuss the Gargoyles Comic reviews in our forum.

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