Watch the first episode of this long-anticipated web series. Those who have played Dragon Age 2 in particular will see some familiar sights!

Check out a quick synopsis and review after the jump!

Wow, so now it’s pretty clear why Ms. Day had to be so hush-hush about this project: there’s (so far) quite a lot that ties into Dragon Age 2, including the style of the Qunari, as well as locations around Kirkwall — the setting for the second game.

I thought Tallis seemed a little too bubbly for a follower of the Qun (as surmised during the trailer released last week), but this story opens by explaining that the Qunari often do forcible conversions of the surrounding populace. What little we know of Qunari customs and their history in Thedas has only been gleaned through talking to Sten in the first game, and the journal entries you can uncover in both Origins and Dragon Age II. Those seemed to imply that the Qunari forcibly convert no one, and yet history is written by the victors — in this case, the Qunari who have been running roughshod over northern Thedas for generations.

Seems like Tallis is being called by a Qunari name before being “activated” doesn’t it? And I’m kind of shocked that the Qunari mage she’s after is not shackled AND seems to have full use of his tongue (something Sten remarked was cut out of mages). So there’s a mystery right there.

Since this story seems like it’s going to be pretty mage-heavy, I think everyone is doing themselves a disservice by not playing Dragon Age II. It’s also the only way you’ll be able to play the DLC that was released today along with this episode.

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