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PowetToys Review: DOTM Autobot Guzzle

First review in quite some time. Enjoy!

PowetToys NewsCast for November 2011

I decided to continue this little format experiment. Here are some highlights from the world of action figures during the month of November 2011.

PowetToys News for October 2011

Testing out a new format. Let me know what you think. Also an 8th Joe figure was announced yesterday, Barrel Roll. This was a little rushed so I know its lacking in a few areas, but I like to experiment.

PowetToys Quickie – Legends Class Autobot Hound and G2 Megatron

Today, we have two more entries in the PowetToys category. These are quick looks at very basic figures with no audio. These do not replace full reviews, but are a way to give some attention to figures that just don’t have as much to talk about as those that get the full review treatment. Above we have Transformers Universe (2008) Autobot Hound. These came out just after the first movie’s toy line ran its course, if memory serves correctly. After the jump, we have the Transformers Universe (2008) Legends Class G2 Megatron figure.

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PowetToys Quickie – RotF Brakedown and RtS Gold Bumblebee

This is a new short form format for PowetToys. This started out as a camera test, but figured I may as well make it into a video to share. Revenge of the Fallen Brakedown can be seen after the jump!

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PowetToys: Hercules Exgraver

After the Pile O Loot video, I received a number of requests to do a review of this third party figure, Hercules Exgraver from TFC Toys. If you would like to see the transformations, please continue after the jump as that video is embedded below.

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PowetToys: Crazy’s 2011 Pile O’ Loot

As it happens, I got a new camera and some new video editing software. I took some test footage and decided to make it into a short video to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy it!

Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 6 – Junkion Blacksmith Headmasters

There was a table in the Botcon dealer room, to which, I kept going back. They had very reasonable prices on domestic hasbro releases and some third party items that were not outrageous. One of the third party items I kept eyeing were a couple recently released headmaster figures in the likeness of Soundwave and Optimus Prime. Not only did these figures become heads for headmaster-compatible figures, but they also had an alternate mode.

Robot mode. Alternate Mode. Headmaster Mode. But wait, there is more! These figures come with a small plate that allows one to form the head of the other figure’s robot mode. Its a pretty crazy and neat concept, but does it work well?

Read on to find out!
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