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Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 4 – Transformers RtS Legends Trailcutter

I found Trailcutter on a table in the dealer room. He was loose and in a box with about twenty other Trailcutters. He is one of the classics legends figures that I just assumed I’d never find at retail, so when I saw him my interest was definitely piqued.

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Powet Toys: Power Core Combiners Grimstone

I love me some Dinobots. I love them so much I bought this Dinobot named Grimstone that brought four friends with him. He’s… different.

PowetToys: MOTU Classics Shadow Beast

Shadow Beast bio can be found after the jump! Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Shadow Beasts and their peculiar affection toward Teela in the comments.

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PowetToys: Marvel Universe Galactus

PowetToys: 2010 Year in Review

The year is wrapping up and I figured that this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of the year’s highlights.
Think I missed an announcement or important piece of news? Discuss it in the comments! I love to hear what you all have to say.

There are a couple of images that don’t appear to have been encoded properly by YouTube during the Highs/Lows segment. The original video was fine and I could not upload it again to YouTube because they said it was a dupe. Imagine the Battle Beast Minimate with a caption of “I want to buy you!”

One more day for nominations!

We’re extending voting until the end of December 1st! At midnight PST (technically December 2nd), we’ll be closing nominations for reals, yo.

Rather than force you to go to the original post, you can just do your sweet, sweet voting here. Enjoy!
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Second Annual Powet.TV Awards – Nominations

Has it really been another year already?

It sure has! 104 weeks of One Video Per Week! Well, 106 so we can get to the end of November, but maybe more like 103 after all the missed weeks…

Like I said, 103 weeks of One Video Per Week! (I hope you put your money on those other three weeks!)

This year we’re doing the nominations a little differently. Here’s what you need to do:
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Powet Toys: War For Cybertron Megatron Video Review

I don’t know if you recall, but I hated War For Cybertron Optimus Prime. Does Megatron fair any better? Let hope so.

The 8-Bit chip tune cover of Lion’s Transformer theme can be found here.

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