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PowetToys: Transformers Prime RID Wheeljack and Dead End

Today, we take a look at Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Wheeljack from Wave 1 and his repaint Dead End from a later wave.

NOTE: The articulation in the joint below the shoulder and at the elbow are both hinge joints. I misspoke when I said they were swivel joints.

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PowetToys: Crazy’s 2011 Pile O’ Loot

As it happens, I got a new camera and some new video editing software. I took some test footage and decided to make it into a short video to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy it!

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Transformers Generations will continue in November 2011

A great deal of concern has been voiced in the Transformers fandom about the fate of the Generations line after the Dark of the Moon toy line runs its course and the Transformers Prime toy line gets kicked off at the end of the year. Online retailer, Kapow Toys checked in with Full Metal Hero to let us all know that they just received solicitations for a new wave of Generations figures along with a case breakdown for the new wave.

The case will include:
2x Wheeljack
1x Sergeant Kup
1x Warpath
2x Black Shadow
2x Junkion

Black Shadow is expected to be a Thunderwing repaint with a newly tooled head. We heard of this based on the instructions included with Thunderwing. I believe we heard that there were three heads created for the Junkion mold. One was for Wreck-Gar, another for the Japanese exclusive E-Hobby set and the third was set for an North American release. It can be expected that this Junkion will have the aforementioned third head.

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Transformers Generations 2011 Lineup – Jazz, Kup, Wheeljack, And More!

Over the last week a shocking number of images of the next class of Transformers figures, “Reveal The Shield” have been appearing on various Japanese retailer order pages and fan sites.

There’s almost too much to talk about here, and so much has been stated on our forums! If you haven’t seen these yet, go ahead and take a look. All of these figures will be appearing in the US next year, though some of what you see may look slightly different since these photos are from Japanese retailers and their product colors sometimes vary.

Jump ahead for a huge gallery!
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