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Powet At Pax Podcast

Live from the Boston Renaissance Waterfront Hotel, Room 509!

This episode features Powet regulars Zac, aDam, Crazy, and Sindra along with fellow travelers Robbie and Keith.

We’re light on show notes this episode since we didn’t have a set format, but I will say all the music in this episode comes from Metroid Metal

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PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li Video

Beard-Li vs. Hung-Li

As promised in this article detailing the fun and games of crossplaying as Chun-Li at PAX 2011 here is a video of all the fun and games, including the epic confrontation between Hung-Li and Beard-Li.

Hung Li posing with Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade

Resident Evil 15th Anniversary

On March 22nd 1996, Capcom released the game titled “Biohazard” to Japanese audiences, and started a franchise that has spanned 15 years. Re-titled “Resident Evil” in the United States due to copyright constraints, the series that came to be known as one of the staples of survival-horror gaming has produced over as many games as years it’s been alive, with 2 more on the way.

One of them, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, was a game we were able to take a look at at PAX East.

Check out what has gone on in this series that has spanned a decade and a half after the cut!
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PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li

Penny Arcade mentions a "Grown-ass man cosplaying as Chun-Li"

Update: Watch the video of the shenanigans

At this year’s PAX I decided to cross play as Chun-Li and the reception was pretty excellent. A Penny Arcade strip even mentioned a “Grown-ass man cosplaying as Chun-Li” though it’s debatable if this was a reference to me or not. More on that later…

Hung Li posing with Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade

My costume wasn’t great. It was put together for this video review of the not so great movie “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”. What it did do of course is show a LOT of leg. And by a lot of leg I mean some leg and some ass and maybe some balls. More details on my adventures at the con and my confrontation with my rival “Beard-Li” will be featured in an upcoming video. For now here’s a little overview of some highlights with photos and links to various places on the Internet where I’ve popped up.

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Powet @ PAX East – Cosplay Extravaganza

Although it’s usualy anime convention who get the attention as far as cosplay goes, PAX East had its fair share of good cosplay this year.

For the most part……..

You can see what I mean, especially after reading my cosplay article.

PAX East 2011 Coverage

If you’ve been on our forums recently, you know that many of the staff and forum members were in attendance at this past weekend’s PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts (March 11 – 13). Attendance came in around 69,500 people, making this the largest gaming convention in the United States. The staff was hard at work all weekend getting coverage of games, announcements, and quirky convention happenings. We will link all our news coverage to this post so that you will have one master list of what went down.

Powet @ PAX East 2011 DYAD
PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li
Powet @ PAX East – Cosplay Extravaganza
Powet @ PAX Shoot Many Robots Footage
Powet @ PAX A Look at Mortal Kombat
Powet @ PAX SkullGirls Footage
Powet @ PAX First Photos
Powet @ PAX in Boston March 11-13

Powet @ PAX – Shoot Many Robots Footage

Another one of the more fun indie games that we saw during our jaunts through the PAX East Expo Hall was one created by Demiurge Studios titled “Shoot Many Robots”, where you do just that – stomp, romp and riddle holes into every robot you encounter.

Demiurge has lent talent to the production of Mass Effect, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, and Rock Band, amongst others – so it’s no surprise that is game looks fun as heck. Described by the booth exhibitor as “BorderSlug” (the bastard child between Borderlands and Metal Slug), Shoot Many Robots pits P. Walter Tugnut (the “P” stands for Pickles – no wonder he sticks with “Walter”) against an invasion of robot guns with legs, chainsaws with legs, and so on.

It’s slated for a release in 2011. Perhaps a XBox 360 “Summer of Arcade” release? We’ll find out!

Powet @ PAX – A Look at Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros was a solid presences at this year’s PAX East in the grandiose Expo Hall, sporting their large logo just above an equally large dragon logo that is the mainstay of the Mortal Kombat series – WB’s product through NetherRealm Studios.

I managed to mosey my way over to the collection of arcade cabinets that had been customized to accommodate the new game, due out in April. Competition was tough for spots to play the games, that had several cabinets back-to-back, and although I didn’t get to play myself and taking video of gameplay was forbidden, I managed to watch a significant amount of matches and garner information and pictures.
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