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Shoot Many Robots to feature Penny Arcade character

Fruit Fucker, a fan-favorite character from the regular webcomic, Penny Arcade, makes a cameo in the game Shoot Many Robots. As you can see above in the video, his cameo is true to form. He is a hat for the playable character. You can see more pictures from their booth at PAX Prime here. The game will be coming in 2012 to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC.

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Powet @ PAX – Shoot Many Robots Footage

Another one of the more fun indie games that we saw during our jaunts through the PAX East Expo Hall was one created by Demiurge Studios titled “Shoot Many Robots”, where you do just that – stomp, romp and riddle holes into every robot you encounter.

Demiurge has lent talent to the production of Mass Effect, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, and Rock Band, amongst others – so it’s no surprise that is game looks fun as heck. Described by the booth exhibitor as “BorderSlug” (the bastard child between Borderlands and Metal Slug), Shoot Many Robots pits P. Walter Tugnut (the “P” stands for Pickles – no wonder he sticks with “Walter”) against an invasion of robot guns with legs, chainsaws with legs, and so on.

It’s slated for a release in 2011. Perhaps a XBox 360 “Summer of Arcade” release? We’ll find out!

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