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Sean is NOT The SpoonyOne

It’s about a month before MAGFest 2012. We’re going to get you excited for a new convention season by taking a look back at last year’s MAGFest.

This week, we find that Sean was often confused for Noah “The Spoony One” at last year’s convention. Actually, this footage is mostly from PAX East 2010, but that’s another convention, so it’s all good, right?

Next time, we’ll let you see something you HAVEN’T seen before!

Nobou Uematsu & Earthbound Papas to be at MAGfest 10

If you’re a regularly Poweteer and have perused our forum in the past few months, you might know that a few of the Powet staff will be attending this coming year’s MAGfest X – a convention for gamers and lovers of gaming music.

Well, we just got one more awesome reason to attend the festival this year. Father of the Final Fantasy music genre, Nobou Uematsu will be the featured guest at MAGfest this year, along with his newest band, Earthbound Papas. (since The Black Mages disbanded some time ago)

Uematsu joins a very wide variety of guests to appear at this year’s MAGfest, along with the likes of AVGN, ScrewAttack, Extra Credits and a slew of other guests and bands. (sorry, no Minibosses this year) So if you’ve got a little time in early January and are in the Baltimore area, check this out and look us up!

MAGFest 2011: Another Day, Another Sweet Haul

This time I talk about DJ Cutman’s new album, a (free) disc of podcasts, and a Famicom game I’ve been trying to track down for a while!

MAGFest 2011: Day 1 Haul (and other stuff)

Check out my swag from Thursday, as well as some previews for what’s coming up on Day 2 and beyond!

MAGFest 2011: Art of the Arcade

True to its name, MAGFest showcases all kinds of gaming from consoles to pinball, to sweet arcade machines. This one in particular caught my eye — and that of many others. Check out how they customized this otherwise-blank cabinet. (I couldn’t even tell you what the game is, I just really liked the art!)

WARNING: The following images may contain copious amounts of uncensored wang. Alright, just two…

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Powet.TV at MAGFest 2011

Hey, we’re at a thing doing stuff for the next four days! Come here to find out what we’re up to, and — perhaps — just what the hell a “MAG” is anyway.

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