Hey, we’re at a thing doing stuff for the next four days! Come here to find out what we’re up to, and — perhaps — just what the hell a “MAG” is anyway.

This is your Powet.TV digest for all things MAGFest 2011! Come back often for updates, or just keep watching the front page for new awesomeness throughout the weekend.


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MAGFest 2011: Another Day, Another Sweet Haul

12:42pm EST

Having to change hotels meant my morning was shot, but I spent some of the time readying my Day 1 review, as well as some interesting little tidbits (such as the arcade photo gallery). Enjoy!


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I do not envy the kids who just got in today and need to stand in that ridiculously long line to get their badges. They’re going to miss half the con that way! (I know I did.)

Thursday, 1:11pm EST

Not much to see yet; I just landed and am getting situated to go over to the convention center. Maybe after eating. Eating sounds good.

Priceline lost my reservation. It’s actually kind of a weird situation because I’m only staying at this hotel for one day because I decided at the last minute to come for all four days, and needed a cheaper place to stay. I guess the hotel’s satellite relay was out, and they didn’t get a fax or something.