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MAGFest 2012: Random Encounter Interview

Sean stops by the Random Encounter Booth in the MAGFest X marketplace to talk to Careless about their “friendly” competition to beat the Descendants of Erdrick to 2000 Facebook likes, how much more awesome their music is, and why we shouldn’t like other bands spawned from evil creatures (even if their music is still pretty kickass).

Plus, a sweet MAGFest Marketplace Montage! (Oooh, alliteration!)

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Powet Presents: MAGfest X – Earthbound Papas Opening

As our coverage of MAGfest X continues, Sindra managed to get prime viewing for the Earthbound Papas performance at MAGfest X, and captured their entrance and first song!

MAGFest 2012: Weekend Report

Sindra and Sean meet up with Powet.TV’s Extra Zero, Yertle, and some Famicom Dojo fans to tear up Saturday night at MAGFest X! Sindra crashes the Brentalfloss panel, Nobuo Uematsu does the Colossus roar during his set with the Earthbound Papas, and we tour the arcade room and marketplace!


MAGFest 2012: Weekday Report

Sean and Sindra break down the first two days of MAGFest 2012, and preview what they’ll be up to over the weekend.

Will Sindra crash a certain popular games lyricist’s panel? What IS up with that dancing chicken? How many times can Sean be confused for Spoony?


MAGFest 2012: A Dance Most Fowl

The Powet.TV crew are having a blast at MAGFest — we’re having SUCH a good time, in fact, we don’t have a lot to spare to show you what’s going on tonight. But we will endeavor to sate your curiosity a bit; this is the kind of thing that happens there ALL THE TIME.

We’re quite happy that the state of technology has advanced to the point where we can get this important information to you in low-cost HD video! Enjoy.

MAGFest 2012: VinnkCon

While Sean is away at MAGFest 2012, Vinnk holds a special event of his own!

Learn more about the production of this video at FamicomDojo.TV:


Powet.TV @ MAGFest 2012

Sean (@FamicomDojo) and Sindra (@tasteslikesin) are going to the tenth annual Music and Gaming Festival! (aka MAGFest.)

We’re going to be updating all weekend long from the convention, so check this space for daily video diaries, posts about awesome things, and (hopefully) more great videos like this one!

Magnificent Beards of MAGFest

MAGFest 2012:

MAGFest 2012: VinnkCon
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MAGFest 2012: Weekday Report
MAGFest 2012: A Dance Most Fowl
MAGFest 2012: Random Encounter Interview
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MAGFest 2012: Weekend Report
Powet Presents: MAGfest X Earthbound Papas Opening
Powet Presents: MAGfestX 2012 Richter Belmont vs. BrentalFloss

MAGnificent Beards of MAGFest

MAGFest 2012 starts tomorrow. If you don’t know what it’s about, then this video is a perfect place to start!

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