True to its name, MAGFest showcases all kinds of gaming from consoles to pinball, to sweet arcade machines. This one in particular caught my eye — and that of many others. Check out how they customized this otherwise-blank cabinet. (I couldn’t even tell you what the game is, I just really liked the art!)

WARNING: The following images may contain copious amounts of uncensored wang. Alright, just two…

Also a sight to behold were these two actual Tron cabinets… side-by-side! (Unfortunately, Discs of Tron was not working)

The gentleman in the picture says he used to play this game all the time when he was 4 years old. (How did he get up there, a stepladder?) Both of these games are available for Xbox Live Arcade, so you can relive the experience right in your own living room. Although the controls leave something to be desired.

There were many more, but one near and dear to my heart is a game I would play between rounds of laser tag at Ultrazone:

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