Mattel has hosted their annual Mattypalooza panel at SDCC 2012. We got a look at whats left for the year on, along with several sneak peaks of what is on the horizon for next year. See a pretty extensive summary with images after the jump, in addition to video of the panel itself!

DC Universe – Young Justice
There will be a Young Justice 6 inch figure two-pack featuring Superboy and Ms. Martian.
It will be priced at $50 with a pretty small production run. Presale will happen first week in August (1-15). From what I understand this is the last of the line and completes the main team. This will be done in a pre-order fashion and will need a certain threshold of pre-orders for the 2 pack to go into production.


Images from ToyNewsInternational.

DC Universe – Club Infinite Earths
Starman will include an unmasked head.
July – Rocket Red (qarterly oversized figure)

September – Black Mask
October – Elastigirl (oversized figure, also includes mini-version of herself)
November – Constantine
November – Uncle Sam w/ Dollman
December – Platinum and Tin
December – Lead


2013 subscription
minimum number of pre-orders needed again.
12 figures plus one oversized club exclusive figure.
The regular figures will cost $18 in the sub or $20 on the day-of sale according to the presentation. Total commitment for this subscription will be $246.
You can sign up for this subscription here.

January – Saint Walker
February – Phantom Stranger
March – Elongated Man
April – Larfleeze
April – Oversized sub only figure – Monseiur Mallah (looks like Gorilla Grodd’s body w/ new head and acc’s.) w/ The Brain
May – Wally West (Flash 3)


Blue Lion w/ Allura (ships with Sven for subscribers)
Black Lion w/ Kieth

Nothing new to show here. Just whats left of this year’s subscription. No sub for next year. Huge lost opportunity not doing the current version of Voltron or Vehicle Voltron as another year’s sub.

No sub for next year, but the line will continue with some smaller more infrequent items.
Prop Replica Ecto Goggles on the way that feature some interaction with the PKE Meter.
Courtroom Ray

6 figures. One will be sold every other month.
Subscription will be offered.
US$25 per figure. Price will not change for day-of sale.
Rorschach will be the first figure in the series.


MOTU Classics
Rattlor (new reveal) – comes with neck piece extension and rattling tail
Cy-Chop (new reveal – 30th Anniversary figure) Higuchi
Great Rebellion sticker sheet


Image of Cy-Chop from MWCToys

Dekker (new reveal – 200x) 2 heads, mace
Filmation Randor
Create a character winner – Castle Grayskullman


Procrustus w/ Star seed (orb thing)


Images of Granamyr from
Images of Procrustus and Mosquitor from

2013 Sub
The price of figures will increase in 2013. The base price for a normal figure will go up to $25 in the subscription. If you were to buy that same figure on the day-of sale, it will cost $27.

Netossa (new reveal – PoP)
Ram Man (new reveal – oversized) Priced at $30, 2 heads and axe


Images from

Jitsu (new reveal – Vintage)


Images from

Fang Man (new reveal – Filmation)
Sub figure: King He-Man (new reveal – new mini-comic)
Map of Subternia
New Mini-comic (Published by DC, same creative team though)
Great Rebellion sticker sheet


Images from

Traveling 2013? Convention exclusive (a la Temple of Darkness Sorceress):

It should be noted that there were a lot of typos in the presentation slides. Strobo’s slide said he was the traveling convention exclusive for 2012. I don’t know if thats legit or not. There were some slides that labeled items for 2011. Pretty confusing.

Image from

Next up was the three pack called The Fighting Foe Men.
Three pack of vehicle drivers from box art of model kit vehicles. Named after employees of Four Horsemen Studios. Weapons are themed around the vehicles, Roton, Talon Fighter and the Attack Track. There will also be some swappable chest pieces to allow faction changes.


Images of Sherrlyn and Dittstroyer from MWCToys
Image of Dawg-o-tor from

There will be a fan voted figure in the subscription for 2013. You get one vote for every subscription you buy. Voting is open during the Subscription purchase period. We have been given 8 choices to choose from:

Crash Landing Marlena (she was in a white space suit when she landed in Eternia – filmation)
Cloak & Dagger Evil-Lyn (far more 200x influenced body)
Geldor (mini-comic)
Mini-comic Trap Jaw
Cammo Khan (based on an obscure repainted release of the Kobra Kahn figure. Misspelled in slide presentation as Cameo Khan)
Mask of Power Demon (from mini-comic)

Image from TheFwoosh.

Be sure to check out the sites where the images came from for more pictures!

Finally, here is a youtube video of the panel itself: