Mattel had its presentation and showed off most of what we saw was leaked a few days ago. ToyGuru claimed the leak was on purpose, but I don’t think anyone actually believed him. We got our first look at the full sized, fully painted prototype of Castle Grayskull, the first three figures in the new Filmation subscription and more. Join us after the jump for lots of information and pictures!


The big announcement was the reveal of a new 6 figure MOTU Classics subscription based on the Filmation series that will highlight characters that only appeared in the original show. This will address some of the fan demand for these desired characters, but not take up slots in the existing Club Eternia subscription that already covers a broad base of characters across all the past toy lines. I think this was a nice way to address getting these characters made without forcing those in the Club Eternia sub to buy in to figures they may have no interest in. This will function much like the 30th Anniversary subscription in 2012, but will be on a tighter time table. The figures will be released each of the last 6 months of the year starting with Icer in August followed by Shakoti and Batros.

Matty_Batros Matty_Shakoti Matty_Icer

The Club Filmation subscription is available for purchase here and signups will run through March 4th at Noon Eastern Time.


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Upcoming releases:

2/2013 – Jitsu (Club Eternia)
2/2013 – Ram Man (Quarterly Variant)
3/2013 – Fang Man (Club Eternia)
3/2013 – King He-Man (Club Eternia Exclusive Membership figure)
4/2013 – Snake Face (Club Eternia)
5/2013 – Karatii (Club Eternia)
5/2013 – Fighting Foe Men 3-Pack (Quarterly Variant)
6/2013 – Octavia (Club Eternia)
7/2013 – Clamp Champ (Club Eternia)
7/2013 – Galactic Protector He-Man (New Adventures) (Quarterly Variant)
7/2013 – Icer (Club Filmation)
8/2013 – Castaspella (Club Eternia)
8/2013 – Shakoti (Club Filmation)
9/2013 – Mantenna (Club Eternia)
9/2013 – Batros (Club Filmation)

ToyArk_Clamp_Champ ToyArk_Mantenna ToyArk_Castaspella ToyArk_Galactic_Protector_Heman_1

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The other big reveal for this event was the unveiling of the Castle Grayskull prototype. Its enormous and has lots of detail. I will let some pictures do the talking here because they can do more than I ever could in text trying to describe it.

Fwoosh_Grayskull_1 Fwoosh_Grayskull_2 Fwoosh_Grayskull_3

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Some other things of note:
– This year’s traveling convention exclusive Strobo was also on display.
– Mattel put out some Stackable Stands that they intend to sell
– Mattel also put out some Clamshells to safely store figures that are still mint on card. They intend to sell these too.
– Rattlor’s harness/armor was on display, likely to be included in a future weapons pak.
– There was a mystery accessory on display that looks like a helmet or a mask for an upcoming figure
– King He-man’s packaging had a sticker for He-Ro Son of He-Man (who could be the villain for that series? The son of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn sent into the future, maybe!)

MOTUC-mystery-item ToyArk_Clamshell_packaging ToyArk_King_HeMan ToyArk_Rattlors_Armor ToyArk_Stackable_Stands

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