This past weekend was Powercon/Thundercon. Powercon is a growing convention based around the Masters of the Universe property. Its actually two cons in one. The other half is Thundercon, which is based around the Thundercats property, which rates a negligent on the relevance meter right now. As a result, all the news from the con centers around MOTU. Join us after the jump for some reveals, qc issues, and teasers.


A secret accessory was made available from Mattel exclusively for attendees. The accessory was Keldor’s swords, but these swords cannot separate like the ones that will be in the Great Unrest Weapons Pak.

Image from TNI

October 2012 – Frosta
October 2012 – Rattlor w/ Great Rebellion Sticker sheet for Club Eternia subscribers
October 2012 – Cy-Chop (30th Anniv. figure)
October 2012 – Great Unrest Weapon Pak (keldor’s swords, Draego-man accessories, Horde Prime staff)
November 2012 – Dekker w/ mace and alternate head
November 2012 – Eternos Palace King Randor w/ spear and chalice
November 2012 – Castle Grayskullman (30th Anniv figure)
December 2012 – Mosquitor w/ gun
December 2012 – Procrustus w/ Star Seed (oversized figure)
December 2012 – Temple of Darkness Sorceress
December 2012 – Granamyr $80 (not part of sub)

So. Frosta. She has been assembled incorrectly. Mattel has thrown the factory under the bus this time and said it was their fault. If you are a sub holder, you can ask for a refund OR you can get a free gift. There will be no replacement stock. If you don’t want her, don’t order her. They will not be going back and putting her back in production. This will be as good as she gets. I’ve included the slide about this that MattyCollector conveniently forgot to include in their presentation’s slideshow they posted to Facebook.


12 monthly figures (12 @ $25 – $27 day of)
4 quarterly items (variants or oversized items)
– 1 @ $25 – $27 day of
– 1 @ $30 – $33 day of (Ram Man)
– 1 @ $50 – $55 day of
– 1 @ $75 – $81 day of (Fighting Foe Men)

January 2013 – Netossa w/ shield
January 2013 – Ram Man w/ axe and alternate head
February 2013 – Jitsu w/ sword
March 2013 – Fang Man
March 2013 – King He-Man w/ comic (sub only figure – new team sticker He-Ro Son of He-Man)
March 2013 – Subternia Map (sub only extra, shows Procrustus in the center)
April 2013 – Snake Face w/ shield, alt head and snake staff (newly announced)
May 2013 – Karatii (Space Mutant from New Adventures) (newly announced)
June 2013 – Octavia w/ Horde crossbow, 4 tentacles, 4 swords (newly announced)
November 2013 – Geldor (Fan Choice winner)


Images from The Fwoosh

Castle Grayskull
This is pretty much an experiment. They didn’t have anything to show, but it will be based on Mark Taylor’s original concept for the original playset. A pre-order will be held before any actual sculpting begins due to expense. They want to make sure this is a go before investing in the costly development. It will cost about $200 and will go up for preorder in the Fall of 2012 (very very soon). If the minimum number of preorders are met then the playset will ship in Fall of 2013. The design sheet will be shown at NYCC next month. It was said that for this preorder to go through, they would need numbers on par with the 2013 Club Eternia subscription.

There was a small teaser in the display case that some intrepid person on twitter snapped a photo of. This pretty clearly looks like Clamp Champ’s weapon of choice. Draw your own conclusions.