Sean and Vinnk demonstrate some tricks with the GameCube System Menu — a couple of which have been known since the system launched (and involves pushing buttons, as you will see), and one more recently discovered with the aid of a video editor and a NinDB user with a penchant for earworms.

(More on the origins of these secrets and what they mean after the jump!)

It’s hard to believe it too until just over eight years after the GameCube launch to find this. But then it requires a special kind of person to think to themselves “I wonder if I can play this FASTER…?” and then have the wherewithal to make it happen.

There was an episode of Radio Lab that dealt with whale songs and/or people who listen to songs SUPER-slowly on purpose over the course of a day or a weekend. It was right around that time when this secret was discovered, so I wonder if NinDB forum user “The Great Gatsby” heard the same episode around the same time.

Regardless, here is the result of that discovery:

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