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Street Fighter X Tekken adds Mega Man, Pac Man, and More!

Adding Cole from “Infamous” as a Playstation exclusive character was a cool idea. He could work as either an SF or Tekken character.

But Mega Man from the original NES box art? That is crazy! Pac Man in a mech suit? CRAZIER.

Famicom Dojo Podcast: HudsonSoft 16-Shot Salute

What is the amazing truth behind the Bungeling Empire, Sim City, Bomberman, and Choplifter? You’ll be surprised! No, really! It’s pretty surprising! But you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out. Hint: they’re all connected by HudsonSoft, makers of the TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, countless awesome 8-bit peripherals, and home of the honeybee — may they rest in peace. Vinnk and Sean reminisce about the company that they thought they knew, but clearly didn’t, and now will miss more than they thought possible.

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Underworld Awakening is a good time, but leaves us wanting more

Underworld Awakening poster of Kate Beckinsale as Selene

As a huge fan of the Underworld series of movies, I took in it’s latest instalment, Underworld Awakening, this week. I generally enjoyed this movie, and while it’s tone was a bit of a departure from the films that came before it, it still works quite well with the rest of the franchise. Kate Beckinsale seems like a vampire herself, as she is still as lovely as she was years ago when this series began.

The film takes place 12 years after Underworld Evolution, after a human cleansing of Vampires and Lycans leaves both species struggling to fight extinction. With the plot centering around fighting powerful companies, engineered creatures and general ass kicking, the movie is reminiscent of a Resident Evil film, though still unique in it’s own way.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene shooting guns in Underworld Awakening

My main complaint about the movie would be it’s length. With a total run time of only 88 minutes, and long credits that are probably about 10 of those, the film itself wraps up after about an hour and twenty minutes. With the first film weighing in at over two hours, 133 minutes for the director’s cut, this is a bit disappointing.

Keep reading for more thoughts which will include some spoilers.
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Robert Hegyes, Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter, dies at 60

Robert Hegyes as Juan Epstein in Welcome Back Kotter

Actor Robert Hegyes, best known for portraying Epstein in the hit comedy Welcome Back Kotter, died of a heart attack early this morning.

Robert’s character, Juan Luis Pedro Philippo DeHuevos Epstein, was the tough guy on the show, often cracking jokes, and often being the subject of them. After Welcome Back Kotter Robert went on to do other TV work and ultimately retired from acting. Robert Hegyes will be missed, and his contribution to comedy will not soon be forgotten.

Welcome Back Kotter cast

Source: The Huffington Post

Lost Classics: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (PC, Xbox, Gamecube, PS2)

PC gamers on this side of the pacific sure loved their Tom Clancy shooters at one time. Games like Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six bought tactical shooting fans joy, more so than they did when ported to consoles. However, in the early part of last decade, UbiSoft used the Tom Clancy license to create something altogether different: A stealth action game partially inspired by Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. The result was Splinter Cell, a game which told a story of political intrigue and deception, and rose to become one of last generation’s biggest franchises, while making its star, Sam Fisher, one of gaming’s biggest action heroes.
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PowetToys NewsCast for January 2012

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Microsoft Points To Be Phased Out By End of 2012

Insider Mobile Apps reports that Microsoft may be ending its virtual currency and going to a system that will charge users real money.

The most popular platform for MS points has been the Xbox 360, where they debuted with Xbox Live Arcade releases in 2005. In the past 5 years there have been several modifications to the system, including lowering the smallest pack for purchase. When Games On Demand appeared with retail releases available for direct download, Microsoft allowed publishers to charge an actual amount to a credit card.

With the Zune and Windows Phone added to Microsoft’s virtual store fronts, the company no doubt wants to streamline their service. No indication has been made if the retail gift cards will be recalled or if existing points credited to accounts will be converted to their nearest dollar and cent equivalent.

Are you excited to be done with points? Or did you like having a little virtual pocket change rattling around your account waiting to spent?

Powet Presents: Do You Keep These Sleeves?

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A lot of movies and video games seem to come with cardboard sleeves around the plastic cases. These seem like something to hold additional materials, or maybe as a box for multiple discs (such as a season of a TV show). More often than not I end up with boxes that are just for a single movie in a single case. Maybe they help the movie stand out on a shelf in a store?

What do you think? Do you keep these sleeves? Do you keep your cases at all?

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