You all know how this works. We’re bringing you the best coverage we can for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2011 and we want to make it as easy as possible to keep you updated. We’ll be posting all the news we can and put links to each article in this post so you can have one handy spot to follow all the coverage. If this post falls off the front page (which it will. quickly.), you can simply click on the SDCC 2011 banner in the sidebar and you will be brought directly to this post.

SDCC 2011: Mattel Exclusives Announced
SDCC 2011: Voltron: Defender of the Universe coming to XBLA and PSN in October
SDCC 2011: LEGO gets both the DC and Marvel licenses
SDCC 2011: Marvel Legends returns with Wave 1 lineup
SDCC 2011: My Little Pony exclusive poster
SDCC 2011: Preview Night Image Dump
SDCC 2011: Venture Bros. go 3 3/4 inch with BifBangPow
SDCC 2011: MOTU Classics 2011 vehicle is the Wind Raider
SDCC 2011: Preview Night – Toynami
SDCC 2011: Preview Night – 6 inch Star Wars figures spotted at ThreeA booth
SDCC 2011: IDW Comics making Transformers #81 happen in 2012
SDCC 2011: Amazing Spider-man movie teaser poster
SDCC 2011: Exclusive Star Wars XBox 360 with Kinect bundle
SDCC 2011: Preview Night – MOTU Classics
SDCC 2011: Preview Night – Four Horsemen’s FanEx Raven and Outer Space Men
SDCC 2011: Talia Al Ghul confirmed for Batman: Arkham City
SDCC 2011: Drive Red Band Trailer
SDCC 2011: New Batman: Arkham City trailer featuring The Penguin
SDCC 2011: Preview Night – Ghostbusters
SDCC 2011: Marvel Announces Day and Date Digital Releases
SDCC 2011: Mortal Kombat Legacy Panel, DLC and final episode
SDCC 2011: Jim Lee talks about DC Universe Online and new DLC
SDCC 2011: Risk gets the MGS Treatment
SDCC 2011: My Little Pony Display and Exclusive Toys
SDCC 2011: Want a 92? TV? Find the Voltron Lions!
SDCC 2011: Speilberg’s Terra Nova Pilot Debut
SDCC 2011: New Info from the Walking Dead Game
SDCC 2011: The Dark Knight Returns And Other DC Animation
SDCC 2011: Last Airbender: Legend of Korra Trailer Released
SDCC 2011: Avengers Concept Art And Teaser Posters
SDCC 2011: Olivia Munn Cosplays as Sailor Moon
SDCC 2011: Haywire official trailer
SDCC 2011: Knights of Badassdom trailer
SDCC 2011: Voltron Force Exclusive Sizzle Reel
SDCC 2011: America’s Next Top Model Winner Adrianne Curry Kicked Out of Comic-Con for Sexy Ćon Flux Cosplay
SDCC 2011: Clips From the Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series
SDCC 2011: Mattel’s Mattypalooza panel
SDCC 2011: Toy Masters movie trailer