I think if you combined the number of all the podcasts we’ve done so far, we hit a hundred episodes with this one. So, we’re doing some creative renumbering and calling this the 100th episode of the Powetcast.

Zac is joined by Crazy, The Captain, and the ever present aDam for talk about beating kids at Pokemon, beating Nazis with a shield, beating ourselves over San Diego news, and finally giving Voldemort a great big hug.

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Direct Link: Powetcast 100: Get Physical

Music in this episode:
Amy Winehouse – “Valerie”
KRS One – “Black Cop”
Olivia Newton-John – “Physical”

Cool Beans
Harry Potter and The Shipley Hallows (zac)
Alphas (aDam)
Pokemon VGC ( cap)
Captain Genius: The Worst Avenger “Every bond is a Powetcast in your best guys’ iPhone.”

Sam Diego Comicbook Con
Powet’s Sailor Moon news round up (aDam)
New Live Action Sailor Moon Show Rumoured to Start in October
New Sailor Moon Shirts on Sale at Hot Topic
SDCC 2011: Olivia Munn Cosplays as Sailor Moon
MOTU Classics news

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