There has been a large fan initiative among the Transformers fandom to continue the original Generation One Marvel comic book that ended somewhat abruptly at issue 80. After it was announced that Larry Hama would be picking up the torch on the original Marvel GI Joe comic, Transformers fans have been clamoring the same to happen for the G1 Marvel comic. Since then, both Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman have voiced their support for such a project and that they would be more than willing to return to their roles as writer and artist, respectively.

The IDW/Hasbro comics panel just ended. Transformers fans were told at the beginning that they will want to stay for the full panel and sure enough, those who did, were treated to the announcement that Transformers #81 would be happening and the series would conclude with issue #100. Mark your calendars, folks. An internet petition actually did something.