Michael Crawford got some great photos of the Toynami booth on Preview night of SDCC 2011. I’ve included some of them for each brand after the break, but if you want to see the full gallery please go check out his site! I’ll be adding pictures from other sites as I find them. Toynami had on display items ranging from Naruto, Bleach, Futurama to some vinyl offerings.

Here’s a rundown on what was seen at the Toynami booth on preview night of SDCC 2011.

Many figures on display for this brand. Some I’ve seen before, others I haven’t, but I’m not really sure whats out yet. To see more, check out MWCToys.com. This Kenpachi figure/status really caught my eye.

There were a lot of new pvc figures on display that I’m sure I’ll see at every anime convention for the next 2 years, but Toynami also had some new action figures out as well. Again, for more images you should really check out MWCToys.com


I think there was concern that this line of figures was ending, but it doesn’t look that way.


These appear to be some sort of vinyl offering like Dunnys but in the form of spray paint cans. Some of the samples are pretty neat. More can be seen on MWCToys.com


I don’t really know what these things are, but they sure look cool. Many more on MWCToys.com