I hopped pretty quickly on the news about the Wind Raider being the MOTU Classics vehicle for 2011, but there were a several other items on display that I never saw until today. Among these items are some adorable Super Hero Squad-style MOTU figures, a new She-Ra and more.

Read on after the jump for the run down.

Another shot of the Wind Raider. From what I’m reading, it sounds like the Wind Raider will come with the stand which pivots side to side and forward and backward. This looks like it will be a pretty good value.

The first of those items is a set of super deformed Masters including both heroes and villains. These really feel like they are in the same vein as Robot Heroes/Super Hero Squad, which I love. Honestly, these look even better than those. If these are actually going to go on sale, I’ll have to find some room for them, especially that Scareglow. You can see those figures in the banner image on this post. That image and the Wind Raider image is from a He-Man.org poster named Dorrman seen here.

Next up is the She-Ra 2.0, as she is being referred to on the forums. This is the new version of the figure using a new female body with wider hips and improved waist articulation for the ladies who wear dresses. The wider hips will allow She-Ra to mount Swift Wind (her horse) more easily and less awkwardly. I also heard something about interchangable clothes, but I’m not clear on that. She’ll be available as a non-subscription figure later in the year, but will not come with Swift Wind. Each sold separately.

There was also a placard referring to Project Photog. Fearless Photog is actually a figure that won a Mattel sponsored character creation contest but was never created. (thats a very brief description of a long story) The name Bitner on the placard is the last name of the child that created Photog and won the contest in the 80’s. Glenn is Queen Marlena’s last name and apparently Mason is a reference to Matt Mason, an astronaut from another old Mattel property.

Finally, I just wanted to add a picture of the large diorama of the Three Towers on display with all the MOTU Classics figures. Its really a site to behold. This image is from ToyArk.com and is from this gallery. Be sure to check it out for many more pictures.

[UPDATE – Crazy] Looks like these photos are actually all from Pixel Dan. Sorry for the mix up. Just trying to give proper attribution.