Hasbro continues to show us that Marvel Legends are simply an after-thought now during preview night when they showed us the 3 2-packs we voted on last year. The winners of that poll were Black Widow, Valkyrie and Deadpool. Deadpool will be packaged with Warpath in his current X-Force. There will be a variant pack where Deadpool will be wearing his X-Men costume from Cable and Deadpool. The variant version of Warpath will feature his more traditional costume.

The second 2-pack is Black Widow with Winter Soldier. The variants have Black Widow in a grey outfit with shorter hair, while Winter Soldier has longer hair. The third pack is Valkyrie and yet another Hulk figure. No word if there is a variant pack for those two.

No other Marvel Legends were seen during Preview Night. I will be genuinely surprised and happy if more are revealed over the next few days. These figures should start showing up in October as Toys R Us exclusives

[Image via ToyArk.com]