Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee in action. All this can be yours for only ninety US dollars.

Theres a lot of ground to cover here, with 2 days of the show already come and gone…

Back to the Future figures are only 22 years late, but they’re Mini-mates so we’ll let them slide.
Art Asylum is also bringing Marvel Zombies to the small scale, complete with clear bits to reflect decaying flesh.
Here’s a gallery of the upcoming Mini-mates.

Diamond Select Toys
Speaking of Marvel Zombies, Diamond Select is getting us Spider-Man and Colonel America 7 inch figues. Zombie Steve Rogers may be a higher rank, but he sure doesn’t have the brains of the original.
Office Space action figures are also arriving a little late compared to the release of the movie. When I get Milton I’m going to have to go ahead and move his desk all the way to the back of the toy shelf so I can make room for some boxes. Yeah.
Stargate Atlantis action figures are also on tap. I’ll be honest, I only saw the movie once back in 1994, so I’m kind of out of the loop. But they look pretty good.

Battlestar Galactica
Apparently a new toy line is in store for this franchise. The first figures appear to be:

  • Chief Tyrol
  • Apollo in Flight Suit
  • Helo
  • Hot Dog in dress blues
  • Cylon Number Six
  • Samuel Anders

NOTE: This listing has been brought under question. You can see an alternate listing in the comments from deckard68. Thanks for the update, deckard68!)
Gallery here.

Marvel Toys
Legendary Comic Heroes, are a great idea. They’re all Marvel Legend’s quality sculpts of independant and creator-owned comic characters so that fans can get some high-quality figures. I like the idea of all my comic book action figures being the same scale and quality, which brings us to…

DC Direct
No, they still don’t have anything comparable to Marvel Legends. There’s a new Direct-to-DVD feature based on the Death & Return of Superman, and the figures look barely better than the Mattel ones.
Actually there are some decent looking figures from the pages of 52, JLA, and Infinite Crisis. DC Direct may not be as good at making highly posable action figures, but they sure to turn art from the page directly into plastic well. Alex Ross’ Justice is a prime example.
You have to witness this unholy alliance: DC Direct and McFarlane team up to make a Batman/Spawn statue. McFarlane has always drawn his character so nimble, that it only make sense that this not move in any way.
Last but not least: Anime Inspired Statues of DC Ladies. Power Girl, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Supergirl lead the pack with Hawk Girl, Wonder Woman, and Posion Ivy to come. Hey, where’s Harley Quinn? If any character deserved to be superdeformed and goofy, its the Joker’s main gal.

Not as strong a showing as you might think. The studio embargo on showing most of the robots mean only the leader class Optimus Prime and the Ultimate Bumblebee are shown, with many of the toys we’ve shown here only being seen behind closed doors with no photography allowed. TFW2005 has lots of photos of movie merchandise.

Four Horsemen is reporting that wave 6 of the Master of the Universe Stactions will include:

  • Jistu (Council of Evil)
  • Mosquitor (Horde)
  • A redone He-Man figure (Masters)