San Diego Comic ConDay 2!

Once again, keep checking back because I am updating this as I find stuff through tomorrow afternoon, when I start Day 3’s coverage. Details for Day 2 after the jump.

Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends
Hasbro, once again, fails to impress with Marvel Legends. Wave 2 of their Marvel Legends was on display as well as their additions to the Marvel Legends Icons line.
Marvel Legends Wave 2:

Based on yesterday’s display, I was surprised to note that MODOK and MOJO will be roughly the size of a 6 inch figure in height, though certainly not in bulk. Its a disappointment that Blob is not a regular figure, in addition to the awful sculpt. Find me a comic book where Blob looked like that and leave it in the commments for all to see please, because I’m in severe doubt. While She-Hulk, Xorn, and Quicksilver were pleasant surprises and seem to be decent figures, the rest are not much to look at and there is absolutely no need for another Wolverine for several more waves. The other figures were not on display. Its not clear what figures belong to what wave just yet. These figures will comprise Wave 2 and part of Wave 3

Marvel Legends Icons

I question the character selection, but I suppose the figures look decent. The Juggernaut figure looks really nice, but honestly all these movie figures should have been in their own line and released roughly two months ago. I hope the Colossus turns out as nice as the Juggernaut. No pictures of Colossus were available.

Also of note, Displayed along with the remaining Toy Biz figures from Marvel Legends were the henchmen figures that were never released and probably won’t be released in the future. Each henchman was supposed to come with a regular figure in one of the previous waves, similar to the current trend in Build-A-Figure pieces coming with each figure.

Here is a very small gallery from the Hasbro Panel.

Star Wars
Hasbro had so many updates for the Star Wars lines, I’m not even sure where to start, so I’ll point you to this link. Its pretty detailed about everything that was mentioned at the Hasbro panel.

Apparently on display at the Hasbro booth is a Cybertron Optimus Prime combined with Cybertron Wing Saber marked as a 2 pack exclusive from Costco for 35.99. They will be packaged in their combined form and will be available in September 2006.

Toy Biz
While there really isn’t much new for Toy Biz to announce about their Marvel Legends line since its being moved to Hasbro, I highly encourage everyone to check out the gallery of the remaining figures to come (and some that never will) from Toy Biz. It is evident how much more diverse the characters are and true to their comic origins they remain in figure form. There is a gallery of Toy Biz’s offerings here.

Marvel Comics

Comic News International has a great write up of the Marvel Civil War Panel from Thursday here.


Activision is touting their latest games based on Marvel Comics properties including Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spider-man 3: The Game, and Spider-man: Battle for New York. They are hosting a panel on Saturday with more information where I believe they are supposed to reveal 3 more playable characters from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Some of the characters we’ve already seen include Captain America, Doctor Strange, The Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman,Wolverine, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider. A new trailer and more screen caps have been posted here.

Some screen caps from the portable Spider-man: Battle for New York have also been posted here.

DC Comics
There is a break down of the DC Nation: 52 panel here.

Dreamworks announced that Peter Cullen, the voice of the original Optimus Prime, will be reprising his role in the Transformers movie coming in 2007. Not only that, but rumor at the convention has it that Frank Welker sent in an audition tape and is being heavily considered to reprise his role as Megatron.

First4Figures had some Transformers related statues on display.

Diamond Select

GI Joe Icons Busts:

Stargate Figures

Star Trek
Star Trek figures

Marvel Mini-mates

Marvel Statues
Diamond Select had a lot of Marvel statues on display.

Marvel Select

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