San Diego Comic ConI will be updating this post throughout the day with news and announcements as I find them. I will include coverage of last night’s previews as well.

Hasbro had a number of things on display.

  • Marvel Legends
    • The first wave on display today is comprised of Movie Beast, Emma Frost, Ultimate Iron Man, Planet Hulk, Banshee and Hercules. The BAF is Annihilus.
  • Spider-man Origins
    • This line seems to be a veritable Marvel Legends line for Spider-man in all of his incarnations, costumes and his rogues gallery. (Spider-man 2099 was there!)
  • Marvel Signature Series
    • There are amusingly updated MEGO like figures. Theres even a Spider-man in his current armor from Iron Man.
  • Ghost Rider movie toys
  • SuperHero Squad
    • These appear to be aimed for very young children. They look like Fisher Price versions of many of the Marvel heroes.
  • Titanium
    • Looks like Marvel will be getting the Titanium treatment a la Star Wars. Spider-man, Green Goblin and Doc Ock were all on display.

There was a sign in the dispay case that said Marvel Legends Wave II would be on display tomorrow Friday, July 21st. Looks like they were holding out on ToyFare. Lets hope theres a marked improvement from wave 1 to wave 2.
Hasbro had on display new figures in the Transformers 6 inch Titanium Series. Figures included:

Reports are coming in that the repainted 20th Anniversary Prime entitled “DVD Edition Optimus Prime” (even though it doesn’t come with a DVD) is in fact made of ALL plastic die-cast. The display model was made of plastic, but Hasbro representatives assured attendees the production run would be die-cast.

The animated 1986 movie anniversary re-release was detailed. You can find details in this post by Zac.

Masterpiece Starscream is not on the horizon for Hasbro distribution in the near future. When asked, they responded they had no immediate plans for MP-03.

Characters featured in the upcoming live-action movie will start to appear in some form or another in each of the current lines of Transformers.

Beast Mini-cons are being planned, but are still in the design stages.

Most of the new announcements about the toy lines seem like they are being kept for Botcon in September/October (We’ll be there for that!).

There doesn’t seem to be any new news from the Transformers Classics Line yet.

IDW Publishing
Revelations from their Transformers panel:

  • Bob Budiansky is returning to Transformers Comics to do a comic adaptation of the 1986 animated movie
    • The story will span 4 issues and feature covers and artwork by Don Figueroa
    • Snarl has been added into the story
    • There will be one new scene that was in the original script but never made it to the movie. It occurs immediately after Hot Rod and Kup crash on Quintessa and tells how they end up in the predicament they are in underwater.
    • Artwork can be viewed here.
  • The next book after Stormbringer will be Escalation, which should continue the events from Infiltration and Stormbringer.
  • A poster will be made of the wraparound covers from Stormbringer.
  • Plans for the movie will be announced in the fall (ie. Botcon)
  • Upcoming Transformers Spotlight stories will be featuring Nightbeat (October), Hot Rod, and Six Shot.
  • The spotlight stories will connect to the story in Escalation
  • New tradepaper backs include The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron, The Best of Simon Furman and The Best of Don Figueroa.

DC Comics

  • Warner Bros. is reportedly developing Doom Patrol and a Deadman project.
  • The Legion Of Super Heroes animated series will be previewed on Friday
  • There is a write-up of the DC Nation panel here.

DC Direct

There are additional pictures but its not clear what line these figures belong to just yet.


NECA had some samples of the He-man Mini-Statues on display including a number that have not previously been seen:

It appears as though, Evil Lyn w/ Screeech, Rio Blast and Squeeeze will comprise wave 5 of the mini-statue line. No sign of the Trapjaw statue or the mini-busts.

Other ComiCon News:

  • Frank Miller to direct Will Eisner’s The Spirit
  • There will be multiple animated Hellboy Movies coming
  • Dark Horse announced an Abe Sapien mini-series coming

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