Its about that time of the year again.

All the toy companies gather in New York to unveil their plans for the coming year. The event doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, but information and pictures are already making their way to our little set of tubes on Inter-net. We’ll try and do one Toy Fair post a day and maybe one wrap up post for the event so as not to clutter the news page.

Read on for info on GI Joe, Transformers, Marvel Legends, and more!

No pictures of any of this yet, so take this with a small grain of salt.

GI Joe provides the following details.

  • Regular Sigma Six line to continue
  • New Kung-Fu grip line
  • Adventure team to come with animals (gorilla set, Dusty with Scorpion)
  • Snake eyes with Cobra, lever that makes the tongue come out
  • Aliigator set, mouth spring action
  • Snake eyes Jewel set with 2 swords, when goes to touch it closes swords
  • 25th Ann set in box, GIJoe logo plays the theme song
  • Cobra trooper available in future in single pack for troop building
  • Vehicles planned for the future
  • 2.5 inch Sigma Six line to end after currently announced waves
  • GIJoe 3 inch Titanium vehicles possible
  • Snake eyes quad might be cancelled
  • Parachute snake eyes to be released soon

The real eye-catcher for the Sigma Six line on display is a mech with Snake Eyes at the controls. It is apparently part of the ‘Metal Mayhem’ line. Check it out here.

There’s a pretty big Sigma 6 gallery here where you can see some of the aforementioned Joe features and accessories.

Marvel reports on upcoming Marvel Legends waves.
Marvel Legends Ronan the Accuser Build-A-Figure
Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Mole Man, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Human Torch and Thing

Marvel Legends Brood Queen Series Build-A-Figure
Captain America, Danger, Cyclops, X3 Colossus, Black Knight, Marvel Girl, Bucky

In the bios for these figures the Invisible Woman is listed in the Ronan wave. Each BAF is also listed as having 8 figures. You will note that there are only seven listed in the Brood Queen assortment and 7 in the Ronan wave without the Invisible Woman. Also since we heard both Danger and Ord were possibles in upcoming waves, I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped up in the next wave. The Cyclops figure will most likely be the Astonishing X-Men outfit. Lastly, it is worth noting that all of the Ronan wave have had figures in the Marvel Legends line before with the exception of Mole Man and Ronan, himself.

Upcoming Icons figures are said to be Cyclops, Magneto, Silver Surfer and the Human Torch.

Pictures of the Marvel Legends display show nothing that is not already out with the exception of Asgardian Armor Thor in package. Not missing much there. I’m sure we’ll see more soon.