tfnewlogo.jpgThe internet has gone absolutely crazy with toys leaks in the past couple weeks, but I won’t waste your time with all of them. Instead, I’ll cherry pick the best, and relevant news, and leave TFW2005 to gobble up every scrap.

First up the comics: The Movie “prequel,” which will be a 4 issue series set before the events of the live action movie. TFarchive has a nice review of the book, which is due on February 21st.

movieprequel1b_fullsize.jpgCover B is something special, showcasing non-movie characters, Arcee, Inferno, and Shockwave (at least one of the hundred one-eye bots HAS to be Shockwave). Don Figueroa is handling the pencils, so it should be pretty interesting to see how the fans’ favorite artist handles some of the fans’ least favorite designs.

Speaking of designs, its about time Dreamworks, ILM, Paramount, or Michael Bay himself fired somebody. Not because the designs are bad (I personally like the fresh approach), but because we have even more spec sheets. This has to be the worst kept secret in Hollywood.
Here are Starscream, Frenzy, Bonecrusher, and Ironhide.


Ok, enough of this concept art, its time for merchandise.

I’m going to first highlight 3 Optimus Prime toys that we would not get if we didn’t have a huge Hollywood movie.

optimashprime.jpgOptimash Prime is, as you’ve likely gathered, a Mr Potatohead variation that comes with the all the Prime parts. He’s not that unlike Darth Tater in that its a big crossover for a toy far more legendary that the character he’s dressed as. I have little doubt that when this guy makes it into my home, he will sit on my desk by himself, for all others are unworthy of his googly-eyed greatness.

primehelmet.jpgCNN declared this one of the Hot Toys for 2007. Its an Optimus Prime “voice changer” helmet. For only $29.99 you can put this on your head and talk like Prime. Or at least you can scare off any potential mates.

bigrigblaster.jpgFinally, here’s the Big Rig Blaster! Its movie Prime’s truck mode, carrying G1 Prime’s trailer, but turns into Optimus Prime’s forearm, fist, and gun. It comes stocked with 3 nerf darts, useful in housetraining pets. Combine this toy with the helmet above and this t-shirt for the ultimate cosplay.

Oh, you want the real Transformers toys? OK, here’s a bunch of regular toys in box.






Wreckage (may or may not be a movie character)

No box back of Blackout yet, but here’s a video of his gimmick. Scoprion Drop!

I take no responsibility for the images in this post. Where appilcable, I’ve linked to the site responsible, but most are watermarked or stolen items off eBay, so the source isn’t a rights holder anyway.