ps3e3.JPGLets get the biggest news out of the way: PlayStation 3 launches Nov 17th in the US for $499 with a 20 GB hard drive and for $599 with a 60 GB hard drive. They’ve also ditched the boomerang controller for… a controller identical to the PS2. But wait! Its got motion sensors too! Its an obvious last minute addition, as they’ve got no games to support the feature.ps3.jpg
Wow. Just wow. Kotaku and Jostiq have excellent minute by minute coverage of the Sony Event.

Glossed over by Sony is what else will be missing from the $499 PS3 bundle: Wireless, HDMI, and Memory stick support.

The show doesn’t even start until Wednesday officially and theres already so much to talk about!

Other big news announced today: From the brain trust at SquareEnix, we got word that Final Fantasy 13 is coming in not 1, not 2, but 3 parts! The first coming to PS3 is your regular FF role playing game. The 2nd also coming to PS3 is a multiplayer online action game set in the FF13 world. The last is a mobile phone game.

Sonic the Hedgehog is to be joined by Shadow and a new white hedgehog in the new 360/PS3 title, view the trailer. Departing is Sonic creator Yuji Naka, who’s leaving Sega to form his own studio. No, he’s not making a new NiGHTS game.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has a new tailer.

4CR has logged a heap of new Nintendo News on their e3 page. Mario and Smash Brothers will be ready for Wii launch, Wario Ware and Tony Hawk also on the way. $250 is the popular theory for the Wii price tag, but it won’t be official until tomorrow. Oh yeah, 2 new Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles games are coming as well, for the DS and Wii. the DS version will support Nintendo Wifi.

Virtua Fighter 5 will also hit the PS3, no online announced or implied.

Microsoft stayed almost completely quiet today. That won’t last long.