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Chronotron goes to PAX

This is the latest in Powet Editor Zac Shipley’s series on video game culture in Madison, WI for TheDailyPage.

Joe Rheaume’s Excellent Adventure: Chronotron goes from Madison to Penny Arcade Expo
The online comic strip and blog Penny Arcade has been a leading tastemaker in the gaming world for nearly a decade now. It has reached new heights over the last five years with its own convention, the Penny Arcade Expo, held every August in Seattle. Though gamers from all over the nation will find a weekend of fun and competition at this year’s con, Madison native Joe Rheaume will be an invited guest to show his hit time travel game Chronotron. >More

Play Chronotron now.

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Games + Learning + Society Conference 4.0 in Madison, WI

This is the latest in Powet Editor Zac Shipley’s series on video game culture in Madison, WI for TheDailyPage.

Games + Learning + Society brings massive multiplayer world to life in Madison
by Zac Shipley

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama mentioned in a speech on Father’s Day that kids need to put down the video game controllers and pick up books. His message was clearly that while a book can be educational, playing a game is not. However, at the Games+Learning+Society Conference this week at Monona Terrace, hundreds of people working at the intersection of gaming and learning have worked to prove not only that games can be educational, but that many already are.
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Madison Soul Calibur Stays Strong

The latest in my series for TheDailyPage/Isthmus Newspapers profiling Madison, WI’s gaming scene.
This entry focuses on Jimmy Choi’s efforts to keep Soul Calibur and the spirit of the arcade alive.

Read on: Reclaiming Madison gaming camaraderie with Soul Calibur tournaments

See also: CaliburForum and Madison SC Community

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Rock Band on WYOU in Madison, WI

WYOU Community TV in Madison, WI is in the middle of a 4 week series of airing local Rock Band gamers playing short sets and pitting them against each other for prizes. I stopped by the studio last week and filed this report for The Daily Page: Stars are born with Virtual Rock Band on WYOU

Read more by Zac Shipley at The Daily Page.

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Midwest Gaming Classic

Midwest Gaming Classic 2008

Read more at The Daily Page: Going old school at the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic

See also

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Brawl In Madison: Smash Bros At Midnight

brawling.jpgAside from being one of the Powet Editors here, I’m also a sometime journalist, keeping tabs on local games news for the Madison, WI free newspaper The Isthmus and its web counterpart The Daily Page.

This past weekend I wrote about the Smash Bros midnight release and the turnout of local gamers, and thought you Powet readers might be interested.

Read On: Super Smash Bros. Brawl release ends in midnight melee

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