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Powetcast 43: Castlevaniacs

Caprica has been put permanently offline, but Conan successfully uploaded his consciousness to another network — beating both Leno AND Letterman in ratings! Not bad for cable. Also, in Cool Beans, it’s sequels galore! Rock Band 3, Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas, Halo: Reach, Starcraft II and more…

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Rock Band 3 Full 83 Song Track List

rockband3In order to justify the purchase of a keytar, you’re going to need some pretty good songs.

Rock Band 3 is coming October 26, and this is full list of every song you’ll have available in the box. From Amy Winehouse to Yes, there is a lot of variety.
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Rock Band 3 First Gameplay Footage

rockband3keysUSA Today of all places is getting us our first real look of Rock Band 3’s Keytar. Looks like putting it in your lap will be the easiest way to play, and the color coded portions of the keyboard will let the novice easily pound away like they’re Ben Folds without actually being super precise. Meanwhile its clear that the hardest level of the game has been beefed up to allow more challenge to those guys who’ve been playing Rock Band 15 hours a week for the past 3 years.

Hit the jump for a peek at a few of the songs to be included in the game. Spoiler Alert: “Rainbow In The Dark” made the cut! This one’s for you, Dio.

Source USA Today (Thanks Ernie!)

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Rock Band 3 Billboard in LA

rockband3En route to see Ashes Divide at the Viper Room, noble reader and fan RJK snapped this photo of a billboard. Four familiar icons, one unfamiliar, and one giant number “3”

The billboard is just a mile away from LAX, it appears Harmonix is gearing up to make the big announcement of the next Rock Band. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) starts next week in Los Angeles. We already have heard early reports that we’ll see keyboards added to the mix, and this ad pretty much removes all doubt.

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Dangers of Online Gaming with Powet.TV Hosts

Powet’s own Caleb Goessling and Sean Corse were featured on NBC 15 in Madison, WI last night as part of a story on the dangers of online gaming, and what you can expect to hear when you put on a headset.

You can find the entire clip here. What you don’t know about playing online… could kill you… or something.

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Powet Rocks WYOU in Madison

Zac Shipley and Sean Orange team up with friends Keith and Dawn on Madison’s WYOU cable channel for the 2nd annual Virtual Band competition.

The first performance, originally aired on May 6th 2009, is highlighted here. More videos from our later performances will follow, as well as links to the complete show when it becomes available.

Enjoy “Pump It Up” and “Psycho Killer!”

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Breaking News: Guitar Hero Beatallica has through an insider source come across a promotional video for the next Guitar Hero game. In an effort to combat the announcement of Beatles Rock Band, Activision is doing a game based on the music of Beatallica.
We bring you this video exclusively on Powet.TV!

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Beatles to be in Rock Band (Still my Guitar Hero weeps)

Earlier today the Wall Street Journal let it be known that Apple Corps Ltd. has struck a deal with Viacom for the use of The Beatles music in the Rock Band series of games. Few details are known at this time as no information on which songs will be made available or how has been released yet. Further information may be made known at today’s press conference (10 AM EST). We’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: The Beatles won’t be in Rock Band per se. Rather Harmonix will be creating a Beatles game using the Rock Band engine that will support all Rock Band peripherals. Stay tuned to our thread on the subject for updates.

News courtesy Tiktaalik @ Neogaf via Kotaku via WSJ Online


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