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Powet Toys: Transformers Movie Mudflap

Show Notes:

You can see some design notes on this figure and a few other Toys R Us Exclusive repaints released around the same time at this url:
Design Notes for Spring 2008 Toys R Us Exclusive Releases

Powerglide, Storm and Hot Spot Images from TFU.Info.
Erector images from

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Zombie TOys: ACiD STÝRM

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Transformers Universe Galvatron

Galvatron has been one of my favorite Transformers ever, and I’m happy to say theres a new figure of Galvatron in Transformers Universe.

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Botcon 2008 Wrap Up

Botcon 2008 Logo

I know what you’re thinking. Botcon was weeks ago. We know everything already. Well, do you? I always found it hard to keep track of what news flowed out of Botcon because every site had a different post for each comment, picture and mention of something new. I have put together one big brain dump of every note I took during the convention with some pictures and links to more pictures and some design notes on If you have any further comments, questions, or praise for the upcoming products, feel free to leave a message as a comment to this post.

Also, you can see more photos from the convention in my personal galleries here.

More after the jump!

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ToyFair 2008 Review and Analysis – Transformers

ToyFair 2008 Robot Heroes Banner

Zac posted a listing of some of the various galleries from this year’s ToyFair in New York. This is one of the big events each year where toy companies like to reveal new product offerings for the coming year. Many rumors are confirmed. Others are quashed. Every once in a while there is also a pleasant surprise. Lets take a deeper look at what this year has to offer toy collectors .

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Toy Fair 2008 Galleries

With agents all over the world, its kind of amazing no one from Powet.TV lives in New York City. So unfortunately, we miss going to Toy Fair. But so many sites are getting good photos up, we’ll just use this space to link to them all.
And you can use the comments section to add more links you may find or discuss what you love and hate about whats revealed this year. covers some specialty figures.
TFW2005 has extensive Hasbro coverage
ASM will be getting more photos through tomorrow of everything!
Toy News International has lots of pictures, and a huge focus on Marvel comics toys!
Wizard Universe has press and site photos
Any other sites you know with photos? Been there yourself? Leave a comment and we’ll keep Powet up to date.

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Transformers Club announces first wave of Classics 2.0 and confirms club exclusives

Transformers Universe Onslaught Post Banner

Powet board member Tigerpaw has shared some info with us from the Transformers Collector Club:

At 7:44pm EST tonight, a listing of the first wave of the upcoming Universe/Classics 2.0 toys was posted in the Transformers Collectors Club Forums. Also posted was news that the Seacons re-issue, and club exclusive Nightbeat toy that have been rumored, are now officially a go, with hopes that they’ll be ready in time for Botcon. Pre-orders will be in March with the figures shipping in April.

Then at precisely 7:45pm, the Master Collector servers crashed from the ensuing rush of traffic.

At 8:20 or so, the servers came back up, and I finally got a look at the post. The rundown:

Wave 1 of Classics 2.0/Universe

Tankor (Octane)


A picture was posted of Sunstreaker but per club rules, it is not allowed to be reposted. It’s not known at this time whether pictures of the other figures will be posted or not.

We saw some design and proto images of Tankor/Octane at Botcon. Onslaught was revealed in the image above not too long ago. Since I’m also a member of the club, I logged in to see Sunstreaker and, although he looked mistransformed a bit, he appears to be a nice addition to the line.

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Onslaught revealed in Wave 1 of Universe Classics

Transformers Universe Onslaught Post Banner

The Transformers Club website revealed the cover to the January issue of the Collector’s Club newsletter featuring the upcoming Universe (Classics 2.0) Onslaught. They also go on to say that five figures will be revealed inside the publication most likely including Onslaught. The publication should make it into club members’ hands soon revealing these promised figures.

TF Club Newsletter Issue 19 Cover - Universe Onslaught

Also announced, Nightbeat will be joining the Seacons as the next member exclusive figures available for purchase only to club members.

From the site:

December 2007 – We are pleased to announce that our next Club Exclusive, along with the previously announced SEACONS, is none other than NIGHTBEAT, the galaxy’s most reliable detective! Both the Seacons and Nightbeat are scheduled for a Spring 2008 release. For a quick sneak peak at our all-new exclusives, available for purchase to all club members, be sure to check out the latest issue of the Transformers Collectors’ Club Magazine!

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