Transformers Universe Onslaught Post Banner

Powet board member Tigerpaw has shared some info with us from the Transformers Collector Club:

At 7:44pm EST tonight, a listing of the first wave of the upcoming Universe/Classics 2.0 toys was posted in the Transformers Collectors Club Forums. Also posted was news that the Seacons re-issue, and club exclusive Nightbeat toy that have been rumored, are now officially a go, with hopes that they’ll be ready in time for Botcon. Pre-orders will be in March with the figures shipping in April.

Then at precisely 7:45pm, the Master Collector servers crashed from the ensuing rush of traffic.

At 8:20 or so, the servers came back up, and I finally got a look at the post. The rundown:

Wave 1 of Classics 2.0/Universe

Tankor (Octane)


A picture was posted of Sunstreaker but per club rules, it is not allowed to be reposted. It’s not known at this time whether pictures of the other figures will be posted or not.

We saw some design and proto images of Tankor/Octane at Botcon. Onslaught was revealed in the image above not too long ago. Since I’m also a member of the club, I logged in to see Sunstreaker and, although he looked mistransformed a bit, he appears to be a nice addition to the line.