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SDCC 2011: Olivia Munn Cosplays as Sailor Moon

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon at SDCC 2011

Cosplay is a big part of conventions and no one loves dressing up in a slutty, nerdy costume more than former Attack of the Show host and attention whore Olivia Munn. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con she dressed as Sailor Moon. Of course just dressing in a slutty Sailor Moon costume wasn’t quite enough for Olivia Munn, so she went on to post a photo of herself, half dressed, getting into her costume on twitter.

Olivia Munn, half naked, putting on her Sailor Moon costume at SDCC 2011

This wasn’t the first time Olivia wore this particular costume. Back in October 2008 she wore it on a Halloween episode of Attack of the Show, and proceeded to skank it up something fierce as Kevin Pereira, dressed as Billy Mays, pretended to violate her.

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show doing a Sexy Pose Olivia Munn as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show getting railed by Billy Mays

Check out footage of that episode in the up video below:
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New Sailor Moon Shirts on Sale at Hot Topic

Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Sailor Moon with the Cutie Moon Rod

It’s been infinity years since new Sailor Moon merchandise has come out in this continent so it’s great to see these 4 shirt designs available on the Hot Topic web site. The shirts are in girls junior sizes so they’re not exactly aimed at the adult man child demographic. Here’s hoping I fit into the 3XL shirts I ordered…

Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - The Sailor Team - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Cats Artemis and Luna "We're Purrrfect Together" Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Tuxedo Mask "I Need A Hero!"

The four designs include a white shirt featuring Sailor Moon with her Cutie Moon Rod and black shirts featuring Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Venus, Artemis and Luna with the slogan “We’re Purrrfect Together and Tuxedo Mask with the slogan “I Need A Hero!”.

Thanks to Mercurius at the Genvid Forums for noticing these and thanks to Sabrblade for making higher quality pictures of the shirts.

Don’t forget that the rerelease of the Sailor Moon manga in English starts on September 13th! Support Powet by preordering the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga through the links below:

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New Live Action Sailor Moon Show Rumoured to Start in October

Will Minegishi Minami of  AKB48 be Sailor Moon in a New Live Action Sailor Moon show?

A very old very unreliable rumour of a new Sailor Moon show is making the rounds on the Internet. After reading about it on my favourite Sailor Moon message board I tracked the source down to a Live Journal post which referenced many sources, all unreliable, some of which date back to May 1st 2011. The show would be an hour long and play on TBS starting October 23rd 2011.

I have no expectation that there is any validity to these rumours. I only post this here as the rumour itself may be of general interest if the news gets around the Internet. Since May there has been nothing resembling official confirmation from any of the involved parties. Almost every one of these actors is a Japanese pop singer, leading me to believe this is just a random wish list made up by some Japanese Pop music fan.

Here’s the full proposed cast of this new show:

Minegishi Minami of AKB48 as Sailor Moon

Minegishi Minami from AKB48 as Sailor Moon

Serina from SDB48 as Sailor Mercury

Serina from SDB48 as Sailor Mercury

Kotera Mari as Sailor Mars

Kotera Mari from Tsubomi as Sailor Mars

Akimoto Sayaka from AKB48 as Sailor Jupiter

Akimoto Sayaka from AKB48 as Sailor Jupiter

Michisige Ayumi of Morning Musume as Sailor Venus

Michisige Ayumi from Morning Musume as Sailor Venus

Massuda Takahisa as Tuxedo Mask

Massuda Takahisa as Tuxedo Mask

This is just half the cast. Keep reading for the rest of the people you’ve never hear of who are supposed to be in this show which will never exist!
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Keep Playing: Sailor Moon: La luna splende

Sailor Moon La luna splende - Sailor Mars shooting Kunzite
Kunzite, known in Italian as Lord Kaspar, reviews the new Italian Nintendo DS video game Sailor Moon: La luna splende.

Watch this video in HD.

If you’re interested in checking the game out you can buy it from Amazon Italy. They will ship worldwide.

Also check out 10 minutes of gameplay footage.

Keep your eye on for all your Sailor Moon news.

Pre-order the soon to be released updated version of the Sailor Moon Manga and Codename: Sailor V manga from Amazon.

Sailor Moon La luna splende Italian DS Game Title Screen Sailor Moon La luna splende Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus

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Sailor Moon La Luna Splende Gameplay Footage

Sailor Moon La Luna Splende Title Screen

Here’s your first look at footage from the new Italian Nintendo DS game Sailor Moon La Luna Splende. Expect a full video review down the line but I just wanted to share this footage so fans can get an idea of what to expect from the game.

If you’re interested purchasing the game check out Amazon Italy who offer worldwide shipping. For a full review of the game check out Sailordees’ review on Moon Chase.

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Sailor Moon and Sailor V Manga to be published in English

Kodansha Comic USA to Publish Sailor Moon Manga
After an incredibly long hiatus the Sailor Moon manga will once again be available to English fans in North America. Kodansha Comic USA has announced the upcoming return of not only the Sailor Moon manga but also the book that started it all, the Sailor V manga.

Sailor V Manga

The manga was originally published in English by Mixx, known now as Tokyopop, but has been out of print for years. The new release will be similar in format to the Japanese rerelease which had the books condensed from 18 books into 12, separating out 2 books of side stories. Sailor V will similarly be released in 2 volumes rather than the original 3. The books will feature the new cover art and occasionally modified art within it’s pages.

Volume 1, 2 and 3 of the Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor V is the precursor to Sailor Moon, published earlier, yet never previously available to English readers.

Keep reading for the full press release.

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Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Italian DS game now available for pre-order

Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Nintendo DS cover

The new Italian Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game will be released at the end of this month. The game is now available from pre-order from a number of sites that offer international shipping. For ease of use users may prefer to order from this link at the Italian Amazon which just went up today. Aside from it’s familiar layout is also compatible with existing amazon accounts. The game itself is 31 euros (~$42 US). I just put an order in with express shipping for 20 euros (~$27.50 US), which isn’t cheap. Slower shipping is also available for a slightly less expensive 14 euros (~$19.30). The game is also available from for 27 euros (~$37.20 US) but shipping seems to be over 30$.

Sailor Moon DS game La Luna Splende screenshot Sailor Mars and a bat

Earlier this week Sailor Moon fan site Moon Chase reported that the game’s release date was moved up to the 21st of March. This reference a press release by TOEI that used that date, though various online stores included the new Amazon link still show a March 31st a release date.

Keep checking out for all your Sailor Moon news as well as information about this game. You’ll surely be sick of hearing about it once I get my hands on it.

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Darkwing Duck dressed as Sailor Moon

Darkwing Duck as Sailor Moon
I am the danger that fights evil by moonlight! I am the middle schooler that wins love by daylight! I am … Sailor … Duck?

Here’s Drake Malard aka Darkwing Duck from issue #8 of Boom’s recent Darkwing Duck comic, dressed as Sailor Moon! This is hardly the only cameo in this issue, as a seemingly endless number of alternate Darkwing Ducks all appear and it seems any mildly relevant comic or pop culture character from the past several decades makes an appearance. Tron, Sherlock Holmes, Where’s Waldo and more and more and more and … more.

Just check out a few examples from just that frame:

Sailor Moon and many others cameo in Darkwing Duck

Thanks to poster Twighligh Ghost for bringing this to my attention in a post in the otherwise deserted newsgroup.

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