Kodansha Comic USA to Publish Sailor Moon Manga
After an incredibly long hiatus the Sailor Moon manga will once again be available to English fans in North America. Kodansha Comic USA has announced the upcoming return of not only the Sailor Moon manga but also the book that started it all, the Sailor V manga.

Sailor V Manga

The manga was originally published in English by Mixx, known now as Tokyopop, but has been out of print for years. The new release will be similar in format to the Japanese rerelease which had the books condensed from 18 books into 12, separating out 2 books of side stories. Sailor V will similarly be released in 2 volumes rather than the original 3. The books will feature the new cover art and occasionally modified art within it’s pages.

Volume 1, 2 and 3 of the Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor V is the precursor to Sailor Moon, published earlier, yet never previously available to English readers.

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