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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Sequelitis

Famicom Dojo Podcast 094: Sequelitis

NES Remix 2 is chock full of sequels to games from NES Remix 1, and of course NES followups to other games not seen in the series before. Conventional wisdom dictates that sequels are mere cash-ins of a great idea, but sometimes they can perfect that idea in fun and surprising ways. Sean and Vinnk discuss the sequels we think are better than the originals, some clearly superior, others more controversial. Vinnk touches a game designer’s hair in Future Retro, and pile of shame goes digital-only… kind of like this podcast!

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Lost Classics: Castlevania – Circle of the Moon (Game Boy Advance)


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was the first Castlavania game for the Game Boy Advance. On a personal note, when I got my Game Boy Advance, COTM was the first game I picked up. The game adopts the exploration heavy formula of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Despite a few nagging problems, and the fact that its storyline is considered non-canon, COTM is a classic entry in the long standing franchise.
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Maximum Letdown: Contra – Legacy of War (PS1, Sega Saturn)

Contra – Legacy of War represents one of the franchise’s lowest points. As the sequel to the Genesis classic Contra – Hard Corps, Legacy of War should have used the Playstation’s processing power to bring the franchise to the next generation with full force. Instead, it became one of the bastard step children of one of Konami’s most beloved franchises, right along side the Nintendo 64 Castlevania titles.
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Lost Classics: Monster in My Pocket (NES)

Monster in My Pocket was a kids franchise that was fairly popular in the early 90s. The line consisted mainly of small action figures (similar to the Muscle figurines of the 80s), although there was also a short-lived comic series, an animates special, a board game, a trading card line, and this video game from Konami. Playing as either Frankenstein’s Monster or the Vampire (or both is playing in 2-player simultaneous mode) you make your way through 6 stages in order to stop the evil Warlock. You’re traveling throughout mundane environments like a living room and garden, but since you’re pocket size, these environments become quite dangerous. Both characters are equal in terms of skill, although they can do a double jump as well. Several monsters from the line show up in the game, and the package even contains an exclusive figurine. While this game was nothing special, it was a remarkably good NES game which you and a friend could spend an afternoon playing.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Video Game Videos

Do you watch video game videos to find out which game to play next? Or do you watch the videos so you don’t have to play those games? Or, GASP, do you not watch video game videos at all?

Sean and Vinnk answer more listener calls, launch the “Vinnk Was Wrong” segment, and announce their weekly video release schedule for the summer! Get an inside look at the newest episode, and find out why it took so long to make!

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Famicom Dojo Podcast 55: Video Game Videos

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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Batman vs. Batman

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E3 2012: Castlevania Lords of Shadow “Mirror of Fate” Trailer Released

So a week and 1/2 ago, I posted about the supposed new Nintendo DS game that was primed to be an interquel between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2, titled “Mirror of Fate”. Lot of speculation began flying around communities about what the game possibly could be about, and that the names “Trevor” and “Simon” Belmont were being heavily dropped.

Seems a lot of that speculation was true, according to the trailer released by Konami at E3 this week.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Gamer and Developer Entitlement

In the waning years of the 20th century, secret codes were a common feature in games that would unlock secret content or make the challenge a bit less difficult. But now if you want those extras, you can “unlock” them for just a few dollars! Is that this a terrible shift in developer entitlement, or another example of how gamers feel like they shouldn’t have to pay more than a few dollars for a new game? Sean and Vinnk look at the things that developers do to get more money out of gamers, and what gamers do to make developers believe that they can’t get paid fairly for their work. Used games aren’t evil, but some developers want you to think they are. Developers aren’t evil, but there are gamers who… well, you know the rest. Is one side more entitled than the other?

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