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Lost Classics: Sonic and Knuckles (Sega Genesis)


Sonic and Knuckles was the last good Sonic game for the Sega Genesis, and it was released at the height of the 16-bit era. It was basically an expansion pack for Sonic 3, although it could be played by itself. Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles were originally intended to be one game (as a matter of fact, if you do the level select code in Sonic 3, you can hear music from the stages in Sonic and Knuckles, and McDonalds featured a promo based on Sonic 3 that mentioned the Flying Battery Zone, a level which wasn’t seen in the game). However, time constrains reared their ugly head, and Sonic 3 was cut down to 6 zones. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we got 2 awesome Sonic games in the same year, and S&K utilized a pretty cool feature.
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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Disney’s Aladdin

This episode of Rewind centers around of the the best Disney games created for the 4th generation of consoles and handhelds – Disney’s Aladdin. In a day when Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts put Disney high up on the gaming food chain, does this older gem stack up for it’s age?

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Famicom Dojo: The Neo Geo Affair

Continuing the 16-bit wars after the introduction of the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16, we turn to a “24-bit” system that was truly like the arcade machines that its competitors were trying to emulate.

Direct Link: Famicom Dojo Season 2: The Neo Geo Affair

Vinnk reveals his decade-long tryst with SNK’s Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System, the one console in the 16-bit generation that made good on its promise of arcade-quality graphics on a home console, and the hefty price tag to back it up.

Head over to our show notes to read more about the history of the Neo Geo and the making of this episode!

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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Batman vs. Batman

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E is for Emeralds (of the Chaos variety)

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

You’re a badass, right? You run around and foil evil schemes of your enemy, kick the asses of his henchmen, and save all the innocents that happen to get cross in the crossfire. You do this with speed, style, and cunning.

But what’s this? Your enemy has unleashed his Ultimate Creation upon you and the hapless others around you. It renders your speed and style nearly useless and quadruples the danger-factor in your quest, drastically cutting down your chances of winning the day or even coming out of it alive. You need more than just style and speed, now. You need POWER.

You’re Sonic the Hedgehog and you need to go Super. How do you do this? With the goddamn Chaos Emeralds, that’s how.
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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind X-Men & X-Men 2: Clone Wars

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Famicom Dojo Season 2: What Nintendon’t

Famicom Dojo

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Direct Link: Famicom Dojo Season 2: What Nintendon’t

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Direct Link: Famicom Dojo S2 – Episode 01 – What Nintendon’t (Including “Train Your Game”)

Complete show notes at FamicomDojo.TV:

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