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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Played to Death

Gaming can be deadly. Oh, we’re not preaching about violence in games becoming violence in real life. More about self-inflicted injury — like playing Starcraft in an internet cafe for 36 hours straight until your heart gives out. Sean and Vinnk discuss their narrow brushes with that big game pad in the sky by way of a variety of titles mobile, PC, and console.

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TGS 2011: Street Fighter X Tekken

Sean tried out Street Fighter X Tekken on Capcom’s sweet arcade pad, and Vinnk plays Super Street Fighter IV Volt for the iPhone (out now)!

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: iOS Ascendant

Should Nintendo be scared? Since the launch of the iPhone — which encouraged the rise of the Android platform — smartphone gaming is set to become a majority of the handheld market, eclipsing Nintendo for the first time since the release of the Game Boy in 1989. Vinnk and SeanOrange take a look at the data, how the mobile gaming pie is growing, why smartphone gaming has been so successful, and what (if anything) Nintendo can do about it.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: A Touching Tale of Touchscreens

Is the Wii U touch controller a naked attempt to try and compete with the iPad, and if so does it stand a chance to succeed? Sean and Vinnk go through a brief history of touch panels in consumer devices, from the Apple Newton to the Tiger, the Nintendo DS, and — of course — Apple”s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Famicom Dojo PapaCast: How Young is Too Young? (to play video games)

Is there a right way to introduce your child to the world of video gaming? It might be a more difficult proposition for the children of adult gamers, whose boundaries are a bit less clear on the subject, but their non-gamer spouses (if indeed they are non-gamers) might keep them in check. Maybe. With Vinnk already a father of a 2 year old daughter, and Sean a father-to-be in 2012, we try to tackle those questions. How young is too young? How much is too much? What’s appropriate, and what’s deemed okay? Plus, in an audio bonus exclusive to the website, Sean tells the tale of how a camcorder gave birth to Puppy Star Trek, and helped to shape the rest of his life.

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TGS 2011: Gloops Interview and Legend Cards preview

Our first proper interview (I suppose the Evangelion one doesn’t count), and it’s one of our favorites! Taken on Day 1 of the show, we checked out the Gloops booth in the mobile games section. There are a lot of undiscovered gems in that area, but we’re hoping this one is just going to become a “gem”.

The Gloops rollout should be happening in the US in 2012, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled and check out any of the products they bring over as they’re released.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Welcome to Die

When did video games start using “lives”? More importantly, when and why did they stop? With this changing, what does it mean to die in a game? Vinnk and SeanOrange examine the games that pioneered this mechanism, and take a look at when and why it started changing. Was it with games like Myst, or did adventure-style games always buck this trend? Has the fall of arcade gaming lead games to be easier, and therefore no longer need “lives”?

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Copycatting and Commission Catastrophies Part 1

The past week as been rife with ignorant tomfoolery for the geek communities I happen to be apart of, that happen to spill into the category of “nerdrage inducing”.

First off, it appears that Apple – a multi-billion dollar company that almost monopolizes the electronic industry – can’t be bothered to screen the Applications submitted to them to be put on their App Store. IronHide Games’ had their flash game Clash of the Olympians completely ripped off by Vietnam-based PTT Solution’s iPhone game Achilles’ Defense. The only difference is Ironhide’s game offers three playable characters, and PTT’s app has just one. However, the music, art and gameplay remain the same. (though the “Credits” part is conveniently replaced with “Instructions”) Seems Ironhide is not alone, however. Semi-Secret Software’s Canabalt, Nitrome’s Icebreaker & Skywire and Halfbot’s The Blocks Cometh all had the exact same thing done – the source code ripped, renamed, and slapped together for submission to Apple’s App Store for sale. With such a sudden trend in blatant copyright infringement, it raises questions about how Apple screens its Apps, but even more so if it even bothers with the wronged developers at all as currently, none have been given any follow up from Apple regarding the issue.

So what do you think? Is this something Apple should be bothered with? Should there be stricter regulations regarding Apps?


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