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Powetcast 133: The Adam Expo

Adam went to Fan Expo in Toronto, and saw enough stuff that we spent most of the podcast grilling him on stuff he doesn’t quite understand. Hear him try to recall the premiere episodes of ‘Revolution’ and ‘Arrow’ as well as a round of Halo 4’s Infinity Slayer. Adam will also recount funny stories from John Barrowman and John Rhys Davies.

Rounding out the show, some discussion of the fate of the Justice League movie and whether Wonder Woman and Superman’s comic book kiss is even worth the publicity.

At the very last minute I remembered that we didn’t talk about Fall Of Cybertron. That will totally happen next week I promise.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Welcome to Die

When did video games start using “lives”? More importantly, when and why did they stop? With this changing, what does it mean to die in a game? Vinnk and SeanOrange examine the games that pioneered this mechanism, and take a look at when and why it started changing. Was it with games like Myst, or did adventure-style games always buck this trend? Has the fall of arcade gaming lead games to be easier, and therefore no longer need “lives”?

(Listen to the episode after the jump)

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Doctor Who Season 3 and Torchwood on CBC

Doctor WhoThe Doctor Who Information Network reports that CBC in Canada will be airing season 3 of Doctor Who in June 2007 and season 1 of the spin off series Torchwood sometime in the fall.

This is much sooner than season 2 which didn’t begin airing until October of last year and wasn’t even done airing when the DVDs were released.

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Doctor Who Explosion 2007

Doctor Who Explosion 2007

Ever since Russel T. Davies and crew brought back the show to BBC One in 2005, response has been enormous, and things have started moving very fast for the UK’s hottest new producer. 2006 saw a second season of the “regenerated” Who, as well as its first (successful) spinoff, Torchwood. New Year’s Day 2007 saw both the Torchwood finale and a special for The Sarah Jane Adventures, based on a former Who companion from the seventies — Sarah Jane also made an appearance in this year’s Doctor Who. Still coming is a fourth series, based on K-9, “the daft metal dog”.

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