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E3 2016 – Bethesda

New Colussus?  Hmmmm......

New Colussus? Hmmmm……

Bethesda held it’s E3 presentation earlier tonight. Although there were few things we didn’t already know about (as the upcoming Dishonored 2 is the obvious star of the show), there were a few surprises. Click after the jump to check it out.
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E3: Bethesda Goodness & Microsoft


During game 5 of the NBA playoffs last night, Bethesda held their big pre-E3 press conference. While there were few surprises (indeed, Dishonored 2 was suspected to have been leaked a few nights prior), there was some amazing stuff on display. This morning, Microsoft held their press conference. While many could guess their lineup, Microsoft had a few big surprises as well.

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Free Game of the Week: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch (PC)


Normally I don’t do fan-developed games in this column, but this was too cool to ignore. Created by Cutmanmike, Mega Man 8-bit deathmatch is a modification of the Doom Skulltag source port which gives Doom an 8-bit makeover. Taking control of either Mega Man or one of several robot masters, players will battle each other using several familiar Mega Man weapons. Players can either play in Multiplayer, or a single player story mode which spans 60 levels. As the game is based upon a Doom engine, players can mod the game, creating new maps and skins. Check it out here. Between this and Mega Man vs Street Fighter, Mega Man fans are doing more to keep the franchise alive than Capcom has done as of late!

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