During game 5 of the NBA playoffs last night, Bethesda held their big pre-E3 press conference. While there were few surprises (indeed, Dishonored 2 was suspected to have been leaked a few nights prior), there was some amazing stuff on display. This morning, Microsoft held their press conference. While many could guess their lineup, Microsoft had a few big surprises as well.

Bethesda’s press conference was short, but sweet. Along with some updates to the Elder Scrolls Online, the company had a few other big titles on display.


Doom 4 is simply renamed Doom in what I imagine is a reboot of the groundbreaking FPS series. Along with a single player campaign, the game will contain a fleshed out multiplayer component and a user-tool known as SnapMaps that allow players to create new game maps. While obviously Doom won’t redefine the genre the way it did 2 decades ago, time will tell if it will stand up to today’s top FPS games, particularly Call of Duty and Halo.

Dishonored 2 & Dishonored Special Edition

The sequel to 2012’s stealth FPS hit, Dishonored 2 will allow players to play as both Corvo, and Emily, the young woman from the first game who is all grown up. As shown in the trailer, the two will have access to new weapons and powers. If you have yet to play the first one, you can grab Dishonored: The Definitive Edition, available this fall on Xbox One and PC. Naturally like any good last gen game , it’s been given an HD facelift with all the DLC included. The trailer depicted a daytime environment, so hopefully there will be some variety in the levels and things won’t look as drab and bleak as they did last time.

New Content for Elder Scrolls Online
ESO: Tamriel Unlimited was recently released on Xbox One and PS4. At last night’s press conference, it was announced that there were a few new areas including the capital of Cryodill were coming to the game. A note at the end of the trailer suggests that the Dark Brotherhood may be getting involved in the game as well. Bethesda also announced a new free-to-play card game, Elder Scrolls Legends, which will be released on PC and IPad later this year. Not a whole lot has been revealed other than the trailer, but it’s obvious Bethesda wants to compete with Hearthstone.

Fallout 4

And of course where would any good press Bethesda conference be without Fallout 4? The game is set to be released this fall in early November. There will be a special edition which will contain a wearable Pip Boy. In fact, you can put your phone inside it, and use a special app for a second screen experience (of course you won’t need a the Pip Boy to use it). The game will begin in a time shortly before the big nuclear apocalypse, in an idyllic 1950s style world. You create your character by adjusting him/her as you peer in a mirror. Basically you’re with your spouse and kid (you can customize your spouse as well and your baby will reflect the changes from both parents. Things are going normal, but then the bombs hit. After you awaken 200 years later, you explore the apocalyptic wasteland. This game will contain a strong crafting component. You can customize your house, your power armor, and more. Oh, and there will be a dog too. If you can’t wait for your fallout fix, there is a free-to-play game available on iOS (Android coming soon) called Fallout Shelter, where players become admin of their own vault.

Microsoft’s press conference went as expected as well. Along with an HD Remake of Gears of War and Halo 5, there are several new titles on the way as well, among them being Gears of War 4.

Speaking of Halo 5, the game will feature a brand new multiplayer mode called Warzones, a 12-on-12 match across one of the biggest maps in Halo history. The story will also be a huge one as well. You’ll take control of a new character, and the game will feature drop-in/drop-out co-op.

There will also be new IP as well. Keji Inafume is teaming up with the makers of Metroid prime to create Recore, an action title for Xbox One. Not much was revealed about the game from the trailer, but it looks like the heroine will carry an orb like object that can take any form.

On the indie front, fans will look forward to Cuphead, a platformer in the style of 1930s Disney cartoons. Playing as a cup-headed creature, you have to pay a debt to the devil after losing a bet. Judging by the action in this trailer, lord can only imagine what the Devil asked of you in return…


Remember when Rare released video games that weren’t Kinect party titles? Well, Rare remembers, and this august, they’re releasing a $30 compilation disk of 30 of their classic titles. You’ll find everything from RC Pro Am and Solar Jetman to Perfect Dark Zero and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Obviously Goldeneye won’t be on there (licensing issues and all), but the gamut of games will span the company’s entire history. So unfortunately, it will contain Grabbed by the Ghoulies. However, it will also contain Blast Corps. In case you were wondering, it will also contain Battletoads.

Microsoft also showed off their hologram tech. Running a Minecraft demo, the user started a new game on a wall before moving it to the surface of a table.

The conference also revealed third party titles such as Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Dark Souls 3, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Perhaps the biggest news however is that backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 Games is coming to Xbox One. By this holiday season, over 100 Xbox 360 titles will be backwardly compatible with Xbox One. Digitally purchased Xbox 360 titles will show up in your Xbox One game list, while inserting the original game disc will initiate a download of the digital version of the tile at no extra charge. As Microsoft put it, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to play games you already own. This wouldn’t happen to be a sneak-diss towards a certain competitor of theirs would it?

All in all, there was a nice range of tiles from Microsoft. Microsoft said that they were showing off title all week including the new Crackdown. I hope that we’ll also hear more about the Phantom Dust reboot, as an early version was scrapped although Microsoft said that the title was still in development. Let us know your thoughts below and be back tomorrow for news from Sony, EA, and Nintendo.