New Colussus?  Hmmmm......

New Colussus? Hmmmm……

Bethesda held it’s E3 presentation earlier tonight. Although there were few things we didn’t already know about (as the upcoming Dishonored 2 is the obvious star of the show), there were a few surprises. Click after the jump to check it out.

Prey 2 Canceled/Rebooted

We reported in the last volume of canceled video games that there were rumors that Arkane Software (Dishonored) was taking over development of Prey 2. Now it’s been confirmed, although the game looks to be a flat out reboot of the series with a sci-fi/horror slant. The game has a release date of 2017.

Quake Champions

With Doom and Wolfenstein having been revived, it only seems fitting that another ID masterpiece returns from beyond. Quake Champions will be the first Quake game since 2007’s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It will be a multiplayer arena shooter like the classic Quake 3, although with character abilities, it could be taking come cues from Overwatch/Battleborn.

Dishonored 2 Gameplay

Bethesda showed off more of Dishonored 2. The game takes place 15 years after the original, as Corvo’s Daughter Emily, who you rescued in the first game, is usurped from her throne by a mysterious enemy. The player can choose to play as either Corvo or Emily, each fully voiced, and each with their own set of powers. The game will be available November 11 of this year, along with a collector’s edition featuring a replica of Corvo’s mask.

The Rest: New Elder Scrolls Online Content and Fallout 4 DLC
The Elder Scrolls Online will receive a new questline based upon the Dark Brotherhood. Also, this fall, ESO will implement One Tamriel, a system which brings level-scaling to the online game. What this means is that each area in the game will be scaled to the player’s level, just as it is in the single player games. Basically, this allows new ESO players to be able to explore the entire world after the game’s tutorial, just like in the single player Elder Scrolls games! Speaking of Elder Scrolls, Skyrim: Special Edition will launch this fall for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Along with remastered graphics, the game will also feature mod support.

Fallout 4 will receive 3 pieces of content this summer as well. Contraptions will add several new gadgets for Fallout builders to use. From the trailer, it looks like it’s taking cues from the classic game, The Incredible Machine. For the evil overlord in you, the Vault-Tec Expansion will allow players to construct their own vault and experiment on the dwellers within. Finally, Nukla World will allow players to construct a post-apocalyptic theme park. The mobile hit Fallout Shelter will receive some new content as well, with new locations, new characters, revamped combat, and new enemies. Finally, both Doom and Fallout 4 will receive VR-compatible releases for the HTC Vive in 2017.

While we haven’t seen much that’s new from Bethesda, what they bought to E3 this year is nonetheless impressive. Fans of Fallout and Elder Scrolls will have the most to look forward too, and Dishonored 2 looks just as amazing as it’s predecessor. Prey and Quake Champions were nice surprises as well. Now if only we can get a new Heretic/Hexen now that Id has revived 3 of it’s fps franchises.