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Canceled Part 3: A Maximum Letdown Special

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day. A day where we commemorate the sacrifices our brave soldiers have made for this country. However, we, as nerds, must also commemorate something else: games that have been canceled and left on the cutting room floor. Bow your heads in silence before reading this article.
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Powet Top 5: Top 5 Squaresoft RPGs NOT Named Final Fantasy

Welcome to the Powet Top 5, where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond

Everyone knows that what Capcom and SNK are to fighting, EA is to sports, and Epic is to shooters, Squaresoft, now called Square-Enix (you know, since merging with Enix), is to RPGs. Or at least they used to be at a time. While their most recognizable title is Final Fantasy, they have created other classic RPG franchises. This article celebrates 5 of them. By the way, this list is specifically focused on Squaresoft and not Square-Enix, just in case you’re wondering why Dragon Quest or Illusion of Gaia isn’t on here.

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Chrono Trigger comes to DS

If you missed out on the original SNES game or the Playstation re-release, you’ll be given a new chance this holiday season to get your hands on one of the best games ever made, period.

Square has seen fit to re-release Chrono Trigger. Sounds like they’ll be tossing in a ‘new dungeon’ as well as modifying the game to make use of the dual screens and some touch commands. But, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: They won’t make it a 3D conversion like some of the recent Final Fantasy games on DS. This video above is from the Playstation version. No word if those new anime cut scenes will survive to the new DS version, but all are available on youtube if you’re clever.

If you never played Chrono Trigger, and there are a lot of you, then know this: its the only Japanese RPG I ever played, and I played it enough to see all the endings, including the very hard one. Its the classic story of boy meets girl, girl falls into time warp, boy saves girl, robot punches dinosaur, world falls into peril, magic kingdom summons alien, etc, etc. But its really fun with engaging combat options that do away with random battles and grinding, as well attacks that combine character abilities, and enough time travel puzzles to make Marty McFly’s head spin.
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