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Adam Sings The Theme From Star Trek Enterprise

If you listened to our latest podcast, Star Wars vs Star Trek, you’ll know “Where My Heart Will Take Me” is a running joke.
aDam graciously recorded vocals and now you can see the improved theme song to “Enterprise” right here on Powet at the video above.
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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 3 – Josmael

Tallis and her ever-growing party are hot on the hells of the rogue Saarebas. Just what is he after, anyway?

What the heck might be going on, after the jump: [Read the rest of this entry…]

Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 2 – Cairn

Tallis spills on her history with the Qunari as she and the Templar make their way after the Saarebas — right into a Dalish camp.

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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 1 – Tallis

Watch the first episode of this long-anticipated web series. Those who have played Dragon Age 2 in particular will see some familiar sights!

Check out a quick synopsis and review after the jump! [Read the rest of this entry…]

“Tuff Tank” – Venture Bros & Cowboy Bebop Mashup

Our recent podcast about Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” made me think that my favorite 2 shows also have really incredible music. So I just tried reversing them. Venture Bros now has the “Tank!” theme from Bebop, edited slightly to it VB’s shorter intro. Cowboy Bebop has a chunk of the extended Venture Bros ending theme “Tuff” taken from the VB soundtrack released with the Season 3 Bluray.

New modified scenes from the Star Wars Blu-Ray release

Jake Lloyd joins the other ghosts in Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars Blu-Ray release is finally out and with that we’ve got a collection of some shocking modified scenes not previously leaked. Here we have modified dialogue from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as well as some controversial changes to the Jedi ghost seen from the end of the trilogy.

A couple of weeks ago I asked our readers not to buy Star Wars on Blu-Ray and although I stand by that statement, I understand some of you are stubborn and would still like to buy them, so feel free to do so with these convenient links that we get a cut from:

Keep reading the see the two other movies that had clips used for this video:
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Powet Toys: Generations Thundercracker

Here we are with the classics seeker mold for the 7th time. Do I give a crap?

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Pre-E3 2011 Speculation: Project Cafe

If you’re seeing this, then either the world hasn’t ended, or you were left behind.

At least you’ll have Nintendo’s next console to keep you entertained!

Check out some idle speculation about what we’ll see at E3, but most what Nintendo needs to do to keep its fans happy:

What are your thoughts about Nintendo’s next system? Leave your comments below!

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