“What are you doing?” “Falling into the pit.” XD

See of you can spot an actual location from Dragon Age II! More after the jump:

Yeah, it looks like “Mercernaries” was the odd man (men?) out, as this episode, entitled Saarebas, finally answers all the questions we had about that character. What else was Felicia Day going to call it, “Smarmy Inn-keeper Chick”?

Death magic, dispel magic, frost, and crushing prison, oh my! When it became clear there’d be a spell-based battle, I was a little worried, though I dare say the effects have already greatly improved! I guess it should have been obivous when the tease for the episode explained about the Fade — which, really, as a fan of Dragon Age I should have seen coming. And that Josmael’s girlfriend would be little more than a vessel for blood magic.

As predicted, Tallis had to face her duty to the Qun over her own nature, and the Qun lost. Although with his Keeper dead, Josmael chose to follow his duty and take over that role. Absolutely this story was a character piece. There was no great struggle (at least, not a world-shattering one), and there was no happily ever after. But I think people who were not introduced to the Dragon Age world before now have a better idea of what it entails, and dai-fans like myself have another lovely adventure to become a part of the tapestry that is the world of Thedas.

Now that it’s all released, I believe I’ll have to go to have to watch it all from the beginning, back-to-back. And after I’ve done that, nwith a full perspective, I’ll have to download and play Mark of the Assassin. I just hope I won’t have finished my most recent DA2 playthrough by then!

What did you think of the series? Would you like to see a follow-up, or a new crew of misfits? Leave your thoughts below!