The penultimate chapter reveals secrets hidden by one character, and the flight of another! Watch:

Just how they might wrap it all up in one more episode, after the jump:

Alright, so apparently I blew my “merc wad” last episode, but I felt like this stuff needed explaining! How was I supposed to know they’d take the time to do that with only two episodes left.

We’re treated to an even bigger fight scene than the one in Episode 3 — fortunately with less magic, as the only mage in the brawl was beaned (rather unconvincingly) by a hilariously engraged inn-keeper. Although, that’s something to note: you probably won’t see a lot of mercenary mages, as they are either apostates or escaped from the Circle, and so would tend to lay low. But think of how much more effective that fight would have been! For the mercs, anyway.

Oh, and there was blood. Lots of blood. I was starting to feel like this might not be Dragon Age after all, but then the blood spatters returned. No mabari hound to lick them off, though…

We finally found out Cairn’s deal, which is probably expected since we already got backstories from Nyree and Tallis. That family that he lost? Saarebas was the one who killed them… along with their whole village. Cairn is actually a rogue Templar, not permitted by the Circle to go after Saarebas, much less use the (now-destroyed) phylactery to track him down. Oh, Cairn is also inadvertently responsible for the escape. What a merry little band of thieves we’ve assembled here! I suppose that explains that little slip in Episode 4 about wanting “that Qunari’s corpse”. Whoops.

Not terribly thrilled by the name of this episode, although it does underscore how they were waiting at that inn “for weeks”, and that Josmael inadvertently lead his party there because he was trying to follow his girlfriend. Durr. But I guess they couldn’t have called it “Cairn 2: Electric Boogaloo”.

One episode left! Will they be able to resolve it with an epic fight scene AND enough exposition to satisfactorily explain what Saarebas has been up to this whole time? And will Tallis and Cairn be able to… “requite” the sexual tension between them? (Before they go into battle, would be my guess. Andraste’s Ass indeed!)

Given Tallis’s track record, I’m going to guess she’s going to screw the pooch on this one too. That is to say, she’ll fail with regard to The Demands of the Qun, but will follow her gut like she has in all those other “failures” and make what you and I would recognize as the more moral choice. Will she allow Cairn to kill Saarebas and avenge his family? Will Josmael get there first and do it himself? (Actually, I’m pretty sure he’ll end up dead.) Or will Tallis surprise us all, and do what the Qunari ask of her?

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