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Grimlock smashes in new ‘Fall of Cybertron’ images, video

For months now we’ve been teased with the inclusion of the famed Dinobots in the next Transformers game, Fall of Cybertron.

Now we really get to see Grimlock in action. We have 4 high resolution stills of Grimlock from the game. That’s not enough? OK, here is two and a half minutes of footage with narration from High Moon Studios Matt Tieger.

We see Grimlock performing very differently from other characters in the game. He is all close combat, using an energon shield and sword, swiping at Insecticons that threaten him 3 or 4 at a time. When he’s taken (or dished out) enough abuse, he hulks out and becomes a T Rex and has a move set that includes swping with his tail, stomping the ground and biting enemies in half. Keep an eye out for another Dinobot at the end of the video as well.

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Botcon 2012 Exclusive Gigatron Revealed

First a caveat. This figure is really Overlord. Hasbro or the club do not have the rights to call him that, though, so they have given him the name Gigatron instead. He is using the Voyager Bludgeon mold from the NEST Revenge of the Fallen line. It appears that it will look pretty good in tank mode, but it looks really strange for such a powerhouse of a character to be using a samurai styled robot mode. I think the Straxus/Skullgrin mold may have been better suited even the scale would have been too small. The new head looks pretty good to me.


Its also relevant to note that this is the first movie line figure to be used as a Botcon exclusive. What do you fans think? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Some newer official images surfaced.


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First Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer

We have our first trailer of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Not much to see aside from GRIMLOCK. No actual gameplay to be seen yet. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Joystiq

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Powet Toys: Power Core Combiners Grimstone

I love me some Dinobots. I love them so much I bought this Dinobot named Grimstone that brought four friends with him. He’s… different.

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