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Marvel Puzzle Quest Coming to Consoles, Sans F2P


Marvel Puzzle Quest is a popular free-to-play adaptation of D3 Go’s Puzzle Quest franchise. Based loosely on 2009’s Dark Reign storyline, players collected heroes and utilized them in a match-3 game in order to bring down several of Marvel’s top villains, unlocking and leveling up their heroes as the game progressed. Thanks to Wayforward (Contra 4, Shantae, Mighty Switch Force Go), the game will be hitting Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 later this year as a fully paid title. The game itself will be $14.99 when it releases, and players won’t have to buy bundles of coins or ISO-8. As the game won’t feature all of the heroes from the mobile game at launch (as of now the mobile versions of the game feature over 80 unlockable heroes including Lady Thor), the game will have downloadable content releases. The game will feature local and online multiplayer, which isn’t in the mobile game. No word on the exact release date, but it will be on display at this week’s New York Comic Con along with a version of Puzzle Quest based on Adventure Time. While I would like to see versions of the game for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, this will still be a perfect deal for fans who are intrigued by the game but were put off by the f2p features from the mobile game.

$20 Game of the Week: Karate Master 2: Knock Down Blow (PC)


Karate Champ is a different kind of fighting game. A spiritual successor of sorts to old school karate games like Karate Champ, Battle K-Road, and Best of the Best Championship Karate, Karate Master 2: Knockdown Blow puts emphasis on realism rather than fantasy bullshit like fireballs, high jumps, and spinning kicks. Unlike those old school games, this game actually looks and plays well. The game’s graphics area throw back to SNES and Neo-Geo fighters, and the controls are responsive. You are in control of a young martial artist who has a dream of opening his own dojo. You have to master several different styles of combat, increase your fame by competing in tournaments, and earn money by working the forklift. The game tends to get repetitive, but you’ll get into grinding, training, and enhancing your skills. There are several training exercises to unlock, one of them even involves a bull for those of you who played Karate Champ back in the days. The matches themselves utilize real life karate rulesets, and they get brutal. You and your opponents can suffer torn muscles, concussions, broken bones, and other gruesome injuries. While the game could benefit from some customization options, a multiplayer mode, and a bit more variety, the game is still fun, and if you are a martial arts aficionado, you’ll be into its realism. Oh, and it’s on sale for $5.99 on Steam until next Monday.

Classic PC Games Receive Updates – Over a Decade Later

This past April, Running with Scissors released the Paradise Lost expansion for Postal 2 - 12 years after the game's original release.

This past April, Running with Scissors released the Paradise Lost expansion for Postal 2 – 12 years after the game’s original release.

It’s a great time to be a fan of old school games, even if the game is only a decade or two old. Every other week seems like there’s an HD remake, dlc expansion, spiritual successor, compilation, or plain old re-release of a classic game on the horizon. Take Postal 2 for instance. This past year, developer Running With Scissors released Paradise Lost, an expansion for Postal 2 which sees the Postal Dude returning to his hometown, which has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland. Along with Postal, four other games from the late 90s and early 2000s are receiving new content this year. Read on to see what’s new with your favorite modern day classics.
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TGS: Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Characters join Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, the mega crossover featuring characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega was featured this past week at the Tokyo Game Show, and several new characters were revealed. Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening join the cast, which now means that we could be seeing characters who aren’t originally from a Capcom, Sega, or Namco game. Also, Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles joins Kos-Mos to form a team. These 4 characters will join characters such as Pheonix Wright, Leon Kennedy, and Jill Valentine as just a few of the many playable characters in Project X Zone 2. There’s another new character coming to Project X Zone 2 as well. Find out who it is after the jump.

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Tokyo Game Show 2015: King of Fighters Teaser

SNK/Playmore showed off a teaser for the upcoming KOF XIV at this past week’s TGS. Little is known about the game save for the fact it will be adapting a 2.5D presentation a’la Street Fighter 4. Although SNK’s previous efforts in 3D haven’t exactly been anything to write home about, hopefully they’ll get it right for KOF XIV. It’s heading to PS4 sometime in 2016, although it’s unsure as to whether it’s exclusive. KOF XII and XIII have both gone multiplatform with the latter receiving a PC port, so I’d be surprised if this was a console exclusive. We’ll have more TGS news throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Pokemon Coming to Mobile Devices Next Year


Nintendo, The Pok√©mon Company and Niantic (Ingress) are working together to bring Pokemon GO to Android and IOS devices in 2016. Like Niantic’s mobile MMORPG Ingress, the game will make use of real world maps to allow players to find, battle, and capture Pokemon in the real world. The game will work in conjunction with a wristwatch peripheral named the Pokemon Go Plus which alerts players of events happening within the game so that players won’t have to spend as much time staring at their screens. Pokemon company president Tsunekazu Ishihara, Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, and late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata all had their input on the game. While this isn’t the first time Pokemon has hit mobile devices (The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been available on iOS devices since 2012), this is teh first full fleged Pokemon game developed with input from Nintendo. If this goes well, it’ll be interesting to see how this influences Nintendo’s mobile strategy going forward.

$20 Game of the Week: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)


Next Tuesday, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions’ swan song, hits both current and last gen systems. As of right now, you’ve got 4 more days to experience, or revisit, this prologue. And experience it you should too, because it will introduce players to the new direction that the series is going in, or at least would have gone in had not Konami axed Hideo Kojima.
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Lost Classics: Outlaw Tennis (Xbox, PS2)

outlaw.jpeg10 years ago, I introduced powet staple $20 Game of the Week with a look at this game. After doing this column almost every week for 10 straight years, maybe now is a good time to revisit it. This is one of the few games that I still have in my collection, and it’s one of the few original Xbox games that are backwardly compatible on the Xbox 360. I remembering purchasing this game like it was yesterday. I had just paid off my tuition for fall of 2005, and I was looking for a game to keep myself occupied until school started. A trip to gamestop saw this title available for only $20. On a whim, I picked it up, and enjoyed it enough to use it as a stepping stone to start a weekly column. While it hasn’t aged well since then, Outlaw Tennis still retains its own unique charm.
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