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5 New Characters Coming to Super Street Fighter IV in 2014


Yesterday at the Evolution Fighting Game Championship, Capcom revealed that 5 new characters were coming to Street Fighter IV. Early next year, Super Street Fighter IV players will be able to play as Rolento, Hugo, Poison, Elena, and a new mystery character never before seen in the series. Rolento, Hugo, and Poison are all Final Fight Alumni. Rolento was featured as a boss in the original Final Fight and made his Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter Alpha 2. The Professional Wrestler Hugo first appeared as a Street Fighter in Street Fighter III: Second Impact. Poison appeared in Street FIghter X Tekken, making her the only character in the game (beside the guest characters) that wasn’t in another Street Fighter title. She’s also significant for being one of gaming’s first transgender characters. Depending on which side of the Pacific you live on, she’s either a post-op (U.S) or she simply ‘tucks away her business’ (Japan) Elena was one of the ‘New Generation’ characters that appeared in Street Fighter III. She’ll be joining her fellow SFIII alumni Makoto, Ibuki, Dudley, Yun, and Yang who have already appeared in SF IV. The package will also include re-balancing for the core cast along with 6 new stages. The DLC will cost $15 for those who already have SSFIV. If you STILL haven’t bought it yet, or you’ve sold your copy, Capcom will release an updated disc with all the content and DLC costumes for $39.99. In related news, Capcom vs SNK 2 will hit the Playstation Network this Tuesday.

$20 Game of the Week: Halo Reach (Xbox 360)


Before Bungie left Microsoft as a second party developer, the company gave us one last hurrah for the Halo franchise. Taking place shortly before the events of the original Halo, Reach follows the exploits of Noble Team, a group of Spartans fighting the covenant on the doomed planet Reach. If you read the novel ‘The Fall of Reach’, you’ll know that the planet is on borrowed time. Stepping in the shoes of Noble Six, you join the group and do what you can to battle the covenant. While you already know the tragic way it will end, you’ll enjoy getting there in the meantime.
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$20 Game of the Week: Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)


The Gears of War franchise was this console generation’s surprise hit. While everyone was busy waiting for Halo 3, Gear of War’s cover-focused gameplay, fun multiplayer, and beautiful Unreal Engine powered 3 graphics took gamers by surprise and made its way into many an Xbox 360 owner’s console. A fourth entry in the series, Judgement was released a few months ago, but many fans still prefer the classic third installment, and for good reason. It wraps up the trilogy in style.
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Plants vs Zombies 2: Its About Time trailer

I don’t get stupidly excited about very many games any more, but I sure am stupidly excited about the upcoming sequel to the hit game, Plants vs Zombies. Set for a worldwide release on July 18th, the game will be exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I am really hoping that this exclusivity is only a limited time deal, as many fans have none of those devices.

The game has apparently been completely rebuilt “as a live service”. It is not clear if that means you will need a constant internet connection to play. Game levels will feature all new settings from both the past and future. Apparently, where we are going, we don’t need lawns!

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White “Shiro” Wii U Premium Set Coming to Japan

Because that'll really perk up Wii U sales!

Because it’s not already confusing enough that Nintendo has two barely-different SKUs out there in most territories, Nintendo of Japan will be releasing a white variation of their 32 GB Premium Wii U model on July 13th of this year.

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Justin Talks Xbox One With Adam Sessler on downLOADED

The Poweteer so nice, they’ve asked him on twice, Justin Severson (@_js) shares his thoughts about the Xbox One with regular downLOADED host and Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

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$20 Game of the Week: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon (Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, PC)

Announced on April fool’s day, and too awesome to be fake, Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion to Far Cry 3 that’s a homage to 80s sci-fi. Completely and utterly batshit insane, Blood Dragon does not require the base game of Far Cry 3 nor do you have to have played it in order to enjoy this expansion (of course the FC3 base game isn’t a bad either).
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Microsoft Attempts to Corner Used Games Market with Xbox One

Watching the Xbox One unveiling, one could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft doesn’t seem to see itself as a games publisher, or the Xbox One as a gaming console. During the event, Microsoft made a big deal about how the company wanted to change the way gamers related to their TVs, but said nothing about wanting to change their relationship with game retailers as well.

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