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$20 Game of the Week: The Westport Independent (PC, Linux, mac, iOS, Android)


Much has been made about the media and the role it plays in daily life. Also, much has been made about censorship and its role in the media. With this past week’s election, many people have different opinions on the media and its role in politics. Double zero double zero’s indie title The Westport Independent takes aim at the press and censorship. Like 2013’s Papers Please, it’s a low resolution title that is easy to play, but makes its players think about a major hot button topic.
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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Rad Sports Games

Famicom Dojo Podcast 86: Rad Sports Games

Before EA, official sports titles were more spread out, and used in all kind of ways. Games like NBA Jam are hard to come by these days (barring updates to NBA Jam). Before annual installments of Year of the Same Game, you had crazy sports game ideas that were one and done. These weren’t simulators, like we have today, but imaginitive riffs on the sports to make up for any technical proficiency that hardware
of the time may have had. And that’s what makes them Rad Sports Games. Vinnk and Sean talk about their favorite titles, including the aforementioned NBA Jam, Punch Out, Bases Loaded (and a bunch of other weird baseball games), and even Scotti Pippen’s Slam City! If you’ve never played it before, why… it sure is something else. Will we ever see their like again? Aside from EA picking up the IP for NBA Jam from Midway, that is…

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$20 Game of the Week Special: Green Everyday 2013

I don't care how cheap it is, saving cheese on that blender can't be worth THIS much!

I don’t care how cheap it is, saving cheese on that blender can’t be worth THIS much!

By now, Black Friday has passed, and in a few short hours, we will be set upon by Cyber Monday. What better way to follow up a day meant for being thankful for what you got than by spending money on things you don’t need? Of course many of you would rather not camp out, stand in line, or get trampled over a juicer that’s %25 percent off, but you still wanna expand your video game collection for less. Well, we got your back! This is powet’s annual Green Everyday post. Everything you see on this list is $20 or less. Why are we doing this the Sunday after Black Friday? Because they are $20 or lower year round. That’s right, no standing in line, no getting up early, no camping out, no nothing. All of these games are downloadable, or at least can be ordered online, so you don’t even gotta leave your house! How awesome is that? A few of these you might have seen before, but they’re so awesome they’re worth another look.
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